Wallerawang Coffee and Cars kicks off with a bang | Photos

The first Wallerawang Coffee and Cars meetup has been hailed as an overwhelming success.

Over 90 cars of all makes and models filled the main street of Wallerawang on Sunday, July 9.


Organisers Todd Nyitrai and Andrew Miller were surprised by the popularity of the first meetup.

“We knew it would probably take off quite well but we didn’t think that we would get the numbers that were there, it was really pleasing,” Mr Nyitrai said.

People came from all around Lithgow and the surrounding areas including Mudgee, Kandos, Katoomba and Bathurst to show off their pride and joy.

It seems the event also achieved its secondary goal of giving the local economy a bit of a boost.

“A lot of people stayed for lunch and a few people went for a drive out to Tarana pub,” Mr Nyitrai said.

Wallerawang Coffee and Cars has been marked down to take place on the second Sunday of every month with the next edition running on August 13.

Mr Nyitrai expects the meetup to grow in light of the positive responses he has received in person and on social media.

“It will be an ongoing event and we hope it just gets supported every time because a lot of people that did go actually enjoyed themselves,” he said.

“Andrew and I would like to thank everyone that attended. We’re looking to make it a really good event in the future and hopefully we just keep growing and growing.”