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Fence to greater heights with PickeX

Fence to greater heights with PickeX
Fence to greater heights with PickeX

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If you have animals getting over a fence and you need to stop them, then you can either build a new taller fence or raise the height of the existing one.

The fence may have sunk into the ground due to silt buildup, post subsidence or it simply wasn't high enough in the first place.

Either way, in an agricultural setting, large numbers of animals other than stock on your property are either going to lead to a loss of pasture and reduced stocking rates, or your livestock will become a food source for predators such as wild dogs. Both outcomes will have an impact on your bottom line.

If you can slow down or greatly reduce the movement of animals getting onto your land or your stock getting out, it can have a large impact on profitability.

The quicker you deal with the problem, the sooner a solution will provide a return on your investment.

Up until now, most land owners raise their fence by either putting in taller posts, using bolt-on brackets, or welding on an extension of some description.

But putting in taller posts is expensive and bolt-on brackets mean having to remove the wire from the posts then tying it back on, which is time consuming.

Welding is not always possible because the poor quality steel found in many newly manufactured pickets won't take a weld.

There is also the obvious fire risk of welding over dry grass and the problem of getting a welder to the posts.

Some will say, pull out the fence and start from scratch. But you are not going to be keen on doing that if you have spent thousands of dollars on a not so old fence.

What can be done? To easily raise the height of the fence you have, Wireman produce a range of post extension products called PickeX that are quick and easy to install.

All the products can be attached to an existing fence without removing the wire, they get the job done fast, in a highly cost effective way, and all are fully Australian made.

Fence to greater heights with PickeX
Fence to greater heights with PickeX

PickeX Pole Stars are made in 300 to 900mm lengths. Best described as a post extension sleeve, they can be used in a variety of ways or in conjunction with a standard star picket or part star picket, to raise the height of the fence to virtually any height you may need.

Made from high tensile galvanised steel they are a strong and robust item. They fit both the star pickets used in Australia and all tee posts commonly sold in the USA. With the addition of a Pole Star Max, they can be used to extend Beefy or MaxY posts.

The real beauty of the Pole Star system is its versatility. They can be used as a stand alone item, or be attached with tec screws to steel gates and timber posts. Used in conjunction with the PS45 offset brackets you can create the right barrier for any situation.

These are just some of the ways PickeX and Pole Star can be used.

Information and videos on how to raise your fence and the end assemblies can downloaded from the Wireman website.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with the wireman team at and visit the Wireman Facebook page.

This is branded content for Wireman Fencing Equipment