Lidsdale kangaroo attack: Property owner Fay Best hospitalised

TROOPER: Fay Best.
TROOPER: Fay Best.

Fay Best’s VIEW Club friends were amazed to see her looking so fit and well at their regular meeting on Wednesday, September 12 after she was hospitalised on Saturday following a kangaroo attack. 

Mrs Best said she has never had anything like it happen in her 40 years on the Lidsdale property. 

“I’ve walked through them, never had a problem before,” she said. 

Friends speculate it may have been her attire, a grey raincoat with the hood up, that made the difference on Saturday. 

The kangaroo approached from behind and pushed her in the back. 

“I didn't see her coming, but I heard her,” Mrs Best said. 

The Lidsdale resident, who is in her 80’s, was injured in the fall and then her legs were scratched by the attacking hind legs of the kangaroo. 

Mrs Best pushed herself up and the kangaroo came at her again, this time from the front, before leaving her alone. 

Bleeding, she then had to make her way back to the house to call triple zero. She was taken by ambulance to Lithgow for treatment before being taken to Nepean Hospital, where she quickly became the toast of the ward. 

“There was one funny moment, when a security lass was taking me around to the ward, and she asked me what had happened. I told her I’d been fighting with a kangaroo, and hahaha, she said," Mrs Best said. 

“Then she came back about five minutes later and she couldn’t believe it was true.”

Mrs Best was released from hospital on Monday and was back at VIEW Club on Wednesday. 

She said she’d already been asked to tell her story multiple times since her return. 

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