John Zorz Trophy 2018

Wonderful Week Two: Steve Hewitt and Mick Andrews picked up the best and fairest awards for the night.
Wonderful Week Two: Steve Hewitt and Mick Andrews picked up the best and fairest awards for the night.

John Zorz Trophy 2018

Week two Tuesday, July 31 The round games saw Jiggers consolidate their lead atop of the leader board with a comfortable 5-2 win over a struggling Red Sox.

Helmets were able to hold off a red-hot Miscues outfit for a 4-3 win while Tall Timbers hung on for a 4-3 win over Pockets, despite losing the aggregate point.

Hunter Mining Method Miscues versus Lithgow Valley Storage Helmets

Matt Tattersall versus Rob Farnsworth Jr

At their best, two very difficult opponents to get the better of. Despite Farnsworth’s recent run of form, it was Tattersall who was able to edge out a 57-52 win.

Kevin Tubby Slaven versus Dillon McBey

Having switched teams at the commencement of the JZT, McBey has looked to be in some good form, slowly but surely improving with every game he plays.

Unfortunately for Tubby, it was a case of the same old, same old As McBey quickly put him away 79-40.

Gary Bender versus Rob Farnsworth

A battle of the regulars saw Farnsworth and Bender fight out a close one. With both coming off good wins the week prior, neither wanted to let up but it was Farnsworth that eventually prevailed 58-47.

Brian Nightingale versus Brett Bradley

Having the eyes of a 400 year old failed to prevent Nightingale from chalking up his first win of the competition, and one of his few for the year, as he saw off the challenge from an ever-steady, Bradley. Nightingale proved too good, running out an 82-49 winner.

Al Piggott versus Diane Stait

A comment from the Miscues captain at the start of the comp, ‘we are ready to make a run’, appears to be coming to fruition as he locked horns with Helmets captain, Stait.

Having won his first two games, Piggott was keen to continue the trend, eventually running out an 86-32 point winner to put Miscues on the cusp of victory.

Jeff Martin versus Ian Miles: With it all to do, Miles entered the final game of the match, trailing heavily on the aggregate and down 3-2 on frames.

Martin has returned to the competition with some respectable form so it looked a difficult task, and in the end, too difficult a task as Miles fell short of the aggregate by ten points, but winning the match 77-45.

Al Piggott and Ian Miles were named best and fairest.

Welch’s Highway Smash Jiggers versus C&W Printing Red Sox

Wade Barrington versus John Lyons

Barrington has had a good start to the season having won his first two games and Lyons yet to post a win. Unfortunately for Lyons, this trend was to continue as Barrington continued his winnings ways with an impressive 93-55 win.

Trent Lewis versus Shannon Baer

Much is said about Lewis and the way he plays his game, sometimes relying on a bit of luck to edge out opponents, but it must be said that he has significantly improved over the last few years, having shed some 20+ points from his handicap.

Coming up against an established a grader in Baer, it was going to be difficult to hang on to the start. Fortunately for Lewis, Baer wasn’t at his best and prevailed 88-69.

Dave Adams versus Leo Keeley

Adams has had a good start to the season, posting two wins with Keeley also posting a first up win the week prior.

Adams has been putting in a lot of practice recently having plenty of time since retiring early in the year.

The practice has paid off as he went on to win against a luckless Keeley 82-68.

Justin Nelson versus Peter Warner

Typically, Warner is one of the toughest players to face, on form or not, often making it difficult for any opponent. With both players undefeated it appeared on paper to be a tough battle.

Unfortunately for Warner, he was far from his best with Nelson running away with the game with a few small breaks, winning 104-40.

Troy Clarke versus Rod Denley

Giving 35 start from the outset, it was going to be difficult for Denley to post Red Sox’s first win for the night.

Clarke struggled from the outset as Denley quickly drew level before putting an end to Clarkes challenge late in the frame, scoring a 75-53 win to put Red Sox on the board.

Kyle Lewis versus Tom Gaynor: Having won the Regal Trophy last competition, Gaynor is full of confidence and it appears to be growing each week as he continues his winning ways.

Kyle is yet to post a win this comp and it looked set to continue early on as Gaynor quickly pulled back the early start.

Lewis tried hard but it was Gaynors night, winning 69-48. Rode Denley and Justin Nelson picked up the best and fairest nominations for the night.

Carpet One Tall Timbers versus Williams and Sons Butchery Pockets

Mitch McCosker versus Matt Creasy 

McCosker has hit a purple patch of form recently and was looking to continue that run against Pockets debutant, Creasy.

Having yet to establish an accurate handicap, this was always going to be a difficult task for Creasy, compounded by McCoskers recent form.

McCosker proving too good winning 97-40.

Lawrence Creasy versus Aaron Vandermeer

Vandermeer is arguably one of the most improved within the competition with Creasy looking to get back to his winning ways since switching over to Pockets.

Vandermeer was on the attack early as Creasy fought back equally as hard only to fall agonisingly short, going down 61-60.

Rob Bender versus Maurie Smith: Bender has struggled since returning after a two year lay off with Smith having posted a big first up win in the first round.

It was a close contest throughout between the former team mates but despite Smiths efforts, Bender was able to slam his way to a 54-42 win.

Shane Eagle versus Mick Andrews 

Having questioned whether he was fit to play just that morning due to san ailing back, Andrews set out to put a stop to Eagles recent run of form.

Having not played a game so far in the competition, one would of thought Andrews would be a bit rusty.

This was not to be the case as Andrews snuck in against the competition anomaly, Eagle, 62-60.

Steve Hewitt versus Bill Cook

In what proved to be a crucial game for Pockets, Hewitt was out to give Pockets a fighting chance to salvage a match win when he took on Cook.

Hewitt has struggled so far this year after coming off a great debut season last year. Cook is often hard to beat but it was Hewitts turn, running out a convincing 90-35 win.

Dane Barrington versus Frank Wawn

Having performed well in his debut game, Barrington was looking to consolidate the win against competition stalwart, Wawn.

Barrington put in a strong performance, having the game seemingly in the bag until Wawn found his feet, scraping home 61-60 to give Tall Timbers the win.

Steve Hewitt and Mick Andrews picked up the best and fairest awards for the night.