Matter of State | Celebrating education week

Education Week is being celebrated across the Bathurst Electorate.
Education Week is being celebrated across the Bathurst Electorate.

Celebrating Education Week

It is great to see public schools across the Bathurst Electorate embracing Education Week.

We all know the importance of a getting a good education and how it sets young people up for a bright future.

The Education Week theme is “Today’s schools – creating tomorrow’s world,” which shows how the NSW Government is dedicated to helping future-proof students to be able to succeed in the 21st century.

In this day and age students are learning during times of great change.

We live in a time when the traditional walls of the classroom are opening up to new worlds of learning, paving the way for students to connect and work together with their peers, not only regionally but on a national and global scale.

Education Week highlights the achievements of public education and local schools and puts the spotlight on not only the students, but also the educators and the school communities.

New South Wales has a world class education system and I am proud the State Government is supporting this through a record $6 billion in funding to build the classrooms and schools of the future.

Just think, a young child who started Kindergarten this year will leave the school system in 2030.

So it has never been more vital that we are ensuring today’s students have the skills they need to thrive in life and achieve their full potential.

Digital learning

As part of Education Week the NSW Government has launched a $23 million package of digital learning resources that will be available for every public school student to learn new technology skills from term four.

The STEMShare program includes technology kits, teacher training, curriculum-linked learning and online tools, all designed to allow schools to teach students to skills to solve the problems of tomorrow by being able to think critically, work in teams, being able to communicate clearing across a range of media platforms, and continue to learn to engage with new and evolving technologies.

What a great initiative, and another example of how this government is striving to ensure our young people are given every chance to succeed in life.