Lithgow Lazers make it to top six in the State Waratah League

Todd Brownlow at a home match earlier this season. Picture: KIRSTY HORTON.
Todd Brownlow at a home match earlier this season. Picture: KIRSTY HORTON.

Lithgow Workies Lazers have advanced to the final six in the State Waratah League with a hard fought win against Hills Hornets at the Hills Stadium on Saturday afternoon, August 4. 

The team won 87 to 77.

Lithgow was without star player Matur Malauch. While he attended the game he could not play due to a serious groin injury which occurred against Wagga Wagga Heat.

Despite big man Kurt Northey announcing his immediate retirement, an SOS was sent out by the team and coach asking him to reconsider and Northey reversed his decision to help the team out.

The first quarter saw the Lazers get off to a slow start against the highly fancied opposition but they managed to always remain close on the score board.

The team work during this period was exceptional with good defence and a lot of patience in their offence.

Jaidyn Goodwin at point guard was controlling the game well and his opposition guard was having trouble containing him. Terrence Durham, Michael Cox and Adam Marjoram were finding their shooting range from outside.

Despite this the Hills managed to take this quarter 26 to18.

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Before the start of the second quarter the Lazers spoke about staying together and coach Richard Marjoram stressed the importance of good defence, working hard on the boards, having patience about narrowing the gap.

“If we could do that then we could carry the momentum into the second half,” Marjoram said. 

Lazers went out and did all of the above, with only seven turn overs for the game.

Players to shine during this quarter were Todd Brownlow, who crashed the boards at every opportunity, well supported by Kurt Northey. 

Young Hayden Cox was exceptional. When he came on as he managed to get blocks on the opposition and rebounded strongly. His burst of energy was most likely responsible for turning the game in the Lazers' favour.

At half time the Lazers were up 38 to Hills 36.

Lazers entered the change room at half time full of energy and confidence and their coach spoke to them about how working hard like that will bring rewards and hopefully the match.

Lazers third quarter was most likely their best third quarter of the season as they worked tirelessly for each other and continued on with all the positives we know Lazers are renowned for. 

This let the Lazers get a nine point advantage over the Hornets and at the end of this quarter Lazers were up 59 to 50.

Before the start of the fourth quarter Lazers got together and spoke again about staying together and matching the opposition on the score board.

They went on and contested every shot put up by the Hornets, and this they allowed them to close out the game and win 87 to 77. 

“It was a great win for the Lazers and every player contributed including Kobe Hunter and Mitch Gurney who also played their role in helping to get the win,” Marjoram said. 

Top scorers for Lazers: Terrence Durham 26, Michael Cox and Jaiydn Goodwin 19 each, Adam Marjoram 17 and Todd Brownlow 9.

Lazers will travel to Tamworth on Saturday, August 11 and must win to advance to the finals the following weekend at the Hills Stadium.

“Training this week will see us concentrate on shooting practice and staying focused as a team,” Marjoram said. 

“Lazers would also like to thank all those that travelled to support them at the Hills, it means a lot to the team knowing they have that support.”