Phoenix, Hustlers and Firebirds shine in Division 1

Division 5

Pandas v Stars: Skye Marjoram and Bridie Ward combined well in the defensive circle.

Pearls v Pandas

Pearls v Stars

Division 4

Pirahnas 12 def Lightning 3: Bella Wells and Phoebe Milne had their hands in every play across the court. 

Sparkles 13 def Pocket Rockets 3: Bailey Neal played a great game in defence for Pocket Rockets, and Libby Bailey played well in all positions around the court.

Sparkles had a good game, slow to arm up but once they did, were able to keep the upper hand. Two standout players were Cassidy Fitzgerald who broke really well to provide options to players and Josie Brown for her great work as GD, intercepting regularly. 

Division 3

Tigers 46 def Sapphires 11

Diamonds 49 def Gems 3

Action from the Lithgow District Netball Association competition played at Wallerawang. Picture: SUPPLIED.

Action from the Lithgow District Netball Association competition played at Wallerawang. Picture: SUPPLIED.

Swifts 28 def Mustangs 26: Phoebe Moller worked enthusiastically in defence for Mustangs, intercepting and moving the ball up the court. Ella Livingston also committed strongly to the game, feeding sharp passes into the shooters. Two players to stand out for Swifts today were Shelby McManus for outstanding defence and Jenna Sheather for great centre court play.

Division 2

Flames 39 def Vikings 15: Stand out combinations for Vikings were Maggie Muir and Emily Burt in the shooting circle and Lara Compton and Freda Clutterham in the defensive end. It was Vikings strongest game of the season. For Flames Molly Drengenberg played well in GS and GA shooting and feeding well, and Olivia Morgan who played out of her normal position in WA had a strong game working the ball down the court.

13's Rep 43 def Fireworks 26

Wonder Women 75 def amazons 28: It was a great friendly game between Wonder Women and amazons. Amazons had a new player Terri Davis dons who played hard and fast as GD trying to get rebounds and intercepts and generally slowing the opposition down. GA Clare Stuart broke well to ensure a clear passage into circle to convert into goals. 

Division 1

Firebirds 43 def Mystics 19: Maddy Howarth played well for Mystics stepping into GA and feeding the ball strongly to Brooke Connell in GS who worked hard in the circle. Emma McEwen and Tammy Brown shot really well for Firebirds contributing to their win on the day. 

Phoenix 45 def Dynamite 25: Dynamite had an exciting game and all players lofted their skill level to match the opposition. Ebony Seymour rotated well between GK and C, with strong defence over every ball. Anna Kennedy was strong in defence and showed great team work with her player in the circle. Kaitlyn Virtue was strong for Phoenix with her never say die attitude and Monique Rust stood out with her great circle work.

Hustlers 56 def Allsorts 24.