Lithgow Workies bowling news

Well another week has passed and a great week for bowls. 

Our No 5 and No 6 Pennant teams are off to the finals on May 5-6, so congratulations to the players for a great show in the games leading up to the finals, our No 5s are off to Grenfell and our No 6s are playing at Forbes.

We wish them all the best for the games they will be playing in,

Results of games played last week, Pennants Our No 5 beat Gulgong 53-50, 9-1, and our No 6s beat Portland 62-55, 9-1.

Social Bowls played Wednesday, April 11 (sponsored by Hair Bar)

Dave Butler, Fred Foye defeated Gwyn Walding, Trev Mills 23-14. Peter Quinn, Ron Long defeated Klaus Fegebank, Brian Stone 22-14. Joe Eather Gordon Smith defeated Darrell Hogan, Geoff Tonge 18-16. Brian Brennan, Greg Purser defeated Ken Wallace, Tom Staines 24-8. Trev Schram, Ken Sutherland, Tom Stockton defeated Col McDonnel, Ron Field, Jeff Carter 30-14.