Hello there: Forbes festival helping channel your inner Jedi Knight

EXCITING: We at the Central Western Daily are nerding out over this.
EXCITING: We at the Central Western Daily are nerding out over this.

It may not be May the Fourth but young Star Wars fans across the district will have the opportunity to get their Jedi on with the Sons of Obiwan as Forbes’ Youth Week celebrations launch this Saturday.

The Central Coast based saber academy – who spell their name differently to the hero from the films – is coming to Forbes Youth and Community Centre this weekend, to run workshops as part of the Youth Action Team’s Star Wars Day. 

Awesome to see the Sons travel to give us the chance to have an actual lightsaber battle – sign us up. 

“It’s theatre combat, we’ll teach them spins, basically help them get their Jedi on,” Sons of Obiwan’s Luke Boyton said. 

All community members welcome on the day, which will start with the Youth Week awards, an annual celebration of the achievements and contributions of our shire’s young people.

The colour run will follow for those aged 12-25, there’s a $10 registration fee which includes a t-shirt.

You can register on the day but please note under 18s need parental permission, so you need to pick up a form and have it signed in advance or bring a parent along on the day to sign you up.

Students can sign up at Forbes High or Red Bend, or you can register at Forbes Shire Council’s offices.