Workies bowling

Get Rolling: Great weather for the bowlers.
Get Rolling: Great weather for the bowlers.

Both games are at home and the No5s play Gulgong, and the No6s play Portland, and if we win both games we are off to the Zones final, so best of luck to both teams. Last weekend we played our Pennant games at home our No5s beat Lithgow City 74-35, 10-0, and our No6s beat Oberon 57-53, 9-1.

April 8, we had finals of the Harold Lees Major singles and Brian Judge was the winner defeating Dave Bunting 31-13, congratulation to Brian, and better luck next year to Dave.

April 4, (sponsored by R&K Workwear) D. Thornton, F. Foye defeated T. Schram, R. Lovett 21-18. J. Eather R. Billet, R. Field defeated D. Butler, J. Carter, G. Cambourne 25-19. K. Wallace, T. Staines defeated D. Hogan, T. Stockton 22-18. B. Brennan, G. Tonge defeated K. Fegebank, K. Sutherland 29-10. B. Stuart, T. Mills defeated P. Quinn, G. Purser 29-15.

April 7 (sponsored by Bus Link Lithgow) G. Tonge, G. Purser defeated G. Cambourne, J. Carter 17-13. K. Fegebank, T. Staines, B. Watters defeated R. Billett, B. Stuart, S. Metcalf 31-27.