The Saint: Family to visit cafe cup | Opinion

IN THE SQUARE: Lithgow's revitalisation at Cook Plaza as of Monday. Picture: PHOEBE MOLONEY.
IN THE SQUARE: Lithgow's revitalisation at Cook Plaza as of Monday. Picture: PHOEBE MOLONEY.

Cup intrigues

LITHGOW Mercury reports go far and wide fast. Friday’s edition featured a story of an old 1941 Blue Bird Cafe Cup, donated for rugby league competition by a Leon Bizzanes, that had emerged from decades hidden in a cupboard. We had hardly hit the streets when an email arrived from Angela Maxwell, in Surfers Paradise. Angela’s parents, the Placksons, ran the Blue Bird (now the Post Office location) from the mid 50s to the early 70s but knew nothing of the trophy or its history. So intrigued was Angela she tracked down one Christina Bizzanes, daughter in law of the late Leon, in Sydney. Christina shared Angela’s fascination with the discovery, and at least one family member plans to visit Lithgow for an up close and personal acquaintance with the cup. When it comes to family history this cup truly doth runneth over.

That’s it?

AS LITHGOW CBD’s summer of discontent continues well into autumn there has been limited evident activity for the past couple of weeks around the Main Street frontage of Cook Plaza. Surely that’s not ‘it’, or is it? Even the patches of featured grey pavers are quite obviously ‘seconds’, unless there’s some new style trend we’re not aware of. So far in the whole project there has been little to allay community concerns that a promise to create a silk purse out of a sow’s ear is just creating a bigger sow’s ear.

Danger zones

SIGHT distance from vehicles legally parked around many intersections in Lithgow is a real and present hazard. But surely the most high risk location is the intersection of Mort Street with Lithgow Street. This is one of our busiest intersections but visibility to the right when emerging from Bent Street is truly a case of flying blind much of the time. 

Health hazard

WHY does Lithgow Council continue to dodge what is surely its responsibility with the disgusting mess of pigeon droppings around the entrance to the Tatts Hotel? Someone must own the place so maybe it’s time the EPA intervened.