Andrew Gee fulfills promise and votes yes on same sex marriage

FILE IMAGE: MP Andrew Gee.
FILE IMAGE: MP Andrew Gee.

After revealing he sent back a ‘no’ response to the same sex marriage survey, Calare MP Andrew Gee promised he would follow his constituents’ lead in a conscious vote in parliament. 

Yesterday he came through voting ‘yes’ to the legislative changes that expand the definition of marriage to include same-sex marriage. 

In his speech to the House of Representatives Mr Gee called for unity.

“Now is the time for the nation to come together. We should unite across city communities and country communities. Everyone, no matter how they voted, across Calare and across Australia, should now unify.”

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“Before the last general election, I undertook to respect the will of the Calare electorate on this issue. I said it and I meant it, and I honour that commitment today,” Mr Gee said.

The majority of respondents in the Calare government area were behind changing marriage legislation, with 60 per cent of returned surveys in the region supporting same sex marriage compared to 62 per cent in Australia overall.

Mr Gee congratulated those same-sex couples in Calare who are considering marriage. 

“To those same-sex couples in Calare waiting to be married, to their families and friends and to those same-sex couples in Calare who may marry in the future: you have my congratulations and best wishes and those of the electorate. Above all, we wish you happiness in the years ahead.

“I cast this vote for you,” Mr Gee said.