Lithgow Public School counts break-in cost

Thieves stole about $25,000 worth of equipment from Lithgow Public School over the weekend before the first day of term four. 

Three classes were left without iPads when three separate buildings were targeted. Individual rooms were broken into with considerable force, leaving door locks smashed and the doors themselves damaged. 

Principal Vicki O'Rourke said it would take considerable time to replace the stolen items and to restore the software programs needed for each class at a significant cost. 

“We do use those iPads every day, it’s a significant part of their learning, so that does have an impact,” she said. 

The school will have to find funds to puchase the new equipment, with insurance claims to follow. 

“The main issue was the disruption it caused us on our first day back at school,” Mrs O’Rourke said. 

“Staff couldn’t get access to photocopiers, that kind of thing. The students, I don't believe they have been impacted as much.”

Mrs O’Rourke said 100 year old Oregon wood doors were damaged when they were jemmied open in the break-in. 

“Two of them will have to be replaced completely, and that’s heritage value we will never get back.”

Police investigations are continuing.