Letters to the Editor | Portland deserves better

An open letter to Channel Nine’s NRL Footy Show. 

Beau Ryan and the Footy Show, 

I am writing to express my total disgust with what you aired on The Footy Show on Thursday night. 

You truly showed how uneducated, disrespectful and dimwitted you really are on your portrayal of our home town of Portland. 

Obviously you did not grow up in a place where everyone looks after each other, ACTUALLY cares about friends, neighbors, our elderly and each others kids. 

There is not a single person who I have spoken to that is happy with your yobbo bullshit! You were welcomed by great spirited, friendly and kind hearted people, yes the same people that Craig Bellamy was raised amongst.

You, with your preconceived, disrespectful, childish manner has HURT so many. 

We stick together and have each others’ backs. Obviously something you have been denied therefore would know nothing about. I think you owe the people of Portland an apology for being such a dick!

Let’s hope our next hero from Portland becomes a producer and does a show on YOU. I cant wait to see you run and hide, oh yes, your history would make for interesting viewing!

An apology to wonderful people of Portland would be the least you could do! I'm certain Craig Bellamy would appreciate any correction you could make!

Lynette Rochester

Nelson Bay