Finding phantoms at the local vet | Podcast

The Vet: Haunted Episode 1

Flickering lights, unexplained appearances and a diabetic cat. A new podcast investigates...

Lithgow-based paranormal investigator Stephen Barnes is currently researching a series of strange happenings at a veterinary practice in the Lithgow region, armed with an assortment of sensors to detect disturbances natural and nonsensical. 

“My angle with paranormal investigation is to create it like a science experiment. Come in and find the proof and then start deciding what it could be. Starting with the question: does it have a logical explanation?” Mr Barnes said. 

The investigation is the subject of the first episode of an original podcast series by the Lithgow Mercury called ‘Haunted’. The series explores what humans’ fascination with ghosts and spooky stories can tell us about ourselves and the place where we live. 

 A new episode of Haunted will be released online each Tuesday in the lead up to Halloween.

The Vet: Haunted Episode 1

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