Lithgow man sentenced for intoxicated run-in with Mudgee police

A Lithgow man charged with a number of offences in Mudgee following an intoxicated incident that just kept escalating, was fined a total of $1200.

Benton William Harris, aged 24, of Victoria Avenue, Oaky Park, pleaded guilty to offensive behaviour in public, continuing after move on direction, damage property, and resist police, in Mudgee Local Court.

At about 2.35am on Saturday, June 17, 2017, police were patrolling Church Street in the Mudgee CBD when they saw Harris urinating on the tyre of a parked garbage truck.

When officers approached him he said “yeah give me all you got, just make it quick”.

Harris was told he will receive an infringement notice in the mail and given the move-on direction.

He continued walking up the street before going onto the road causing a passing car to stop to avoid hitting him.

Police returned to their vehicle and drove up to Harris to speak to him again when he kicked the bumper causing damage to a switch.

Harris went to evade officers in the National Centre but was trapped by the locked glass doors.

He then resisted arrest, tensing up his arms when being cuffed, thrashing about, striking out with his arms and legs, all of which continued as he was being loaded into the police vehicle.

Harris’ solicitor, Richard Wise, said that his client was embarrassed by the incident, which had its roots in the amount he drank prior and was “aggravated by the length of time it went on”.

Magistrate Terry Lucas told the defendant, “what on Earth possessed you to do this I have no idea”.

“You wouldn’t like someone piddling on or in the vicinity of your car would you?”