Lithgow's Work for the Dole Project up-cycling skills

The participants of Lithgow’s Brighter Futures Work for the Dole project have created a veritable gallery of furniture made from up-cycled and dumped materials. They are now selling their creations to fundraise for local charities.

“Part of the project is showing what the unemployed can actually do,” said the project supervisor Sharon Rushworth. Of the 73 people who have been part of the program, five have since been employed. 

A handful of participants, like Brendan Murdoch and Michael Coghlan, have returned to volunteer at the workshop.

“I have come back because there are good people here and I am always learning new stuff,” Mr Murdoch said.

The project provides training in workplace safety, communication, carpentry, sewing and art techniques. 

Michael Coghlan talks through the table he created from two discarded doors.