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Innovative learning in action: A day in the life at Chatswood's early learning centre

 Chatswood's Shichida Early Learning Centre. Picture Shichida Australia)
Chatswood's Shichida Early Learning Centre. Picture Shichida Australia)

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In our quest to provide the best start for our children's educational journey, we aim to set them up for success from the very beginning. Let's take a closer look at how Chatswood's Shichida Early Learning Centre adopts a holistic approach to nurturing children's natural learning abilities.

Full brain training: What makes the Shichida Early Learning Centre special?

The Shichida Early Learning Centre stands out from traditional preschools with its unique approach to early childhood education. While many programs focus primarily on academic skills, the Shichida Method goes beyond, tapping into the full potential of the young child's brain during the crucial "Sensitive Period" from birth to three years old.

Leveraging over 65 years of research, this innovative approach emphasises whole brain development, nurturing not only intellectual abilities (IQ) but also emotional intelligence (EQ), creativity, memory, and intuition. It recognises that children are active learners, not empty vessels, and tailors activities to their unique strengths and interests.

A key differentiator is the active involvement of parents in the learning process. Parents are empowered to become their child's first and best teachers, learning alongside their little ones and continuing the learning journey at home. This collaborative approach strengthens the parent-child bond and creates a supportive environment that maximises each child's potential.

While traditional preschools often focus on structured learning and academic milestones, the Shichida Method embraces a playful and joyful approach. Through interactive games, music, art, and sensory experiences, children develop a love of learning that sets the stage for lifelong success.

 Active learning at Shichida. Picture Shichida Australia
Active learning at Shichida. Picture Shichida Australia

50 minutes of nurturing little minds to their fullest potential

Here's a look at the dynamic activities that fill a 50-minute Shichida Early Learning class:

The class begins with a joyful "Hello Song" and warm greetings, creating an inviting atmosphere for young learners. The learning session is initiated with a discussion of the weather and reflection of the date, followed by a calming relaxation exercise. This peaceful activity helps children centre themselves and focus their attention through deep breathing. The children then enjoy fun and interactive guessing games which are designed to develop robust resilience and intuition for young learners.

Flashcards introduce new concepts and vocabulary, stimulating curiosity and expanding knowledge.

Puzzles, mazes, and tangrams challenge problem-solving skills and critical thinking, while hands-on activities like drawing, building with blocks, stringing beads and origami foster creativity and enhance fine motor skills.

The Shichida Method's unique blend of play and learning ensures that children are having fun while developing essential cognitive and social-emotional skills.

The class includes activities that reinforce early literacy and numeracy skills. Children might practise phonics, engage in reading exercises, or sing songs that teach basic maths concepts.

The goal is to lay a strong foundation for academic success while nurturing a lifelong love of learning. As the class wraps up with the beloved "Goodbye Song," children leave feeling accomplished and eager to return for more enriching experiences.

Early learning activities to explore at Shichida. Picture Shichida Australia
Early learning activities to explore at Shichida. Picture Shichida Australia

All little learners welcome

The Shichida Early Learning Centre offers programs for children from 6 months, accepting new enrolments up to 4 1/2 years old. Each program is tailored to their unique developmental stage:

Baby Program (6 - 12 months): Focuses on sensory stimulation, motor skill development, and early language exposure through flashcards, music, and play.

Toddler Program (1 - 3 years): Builds cognitive, social, and emotional skills through interactive games, puzzles, sensory play, and creative activities.

Kinder Program (3 - 5 years): Prepares children for kindergarten with early literacy and numeracy, phonics, reading, writing, and maths activities, all while fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.

Shichida's kinder program cohort can then advance into the pre-primary and primary programs to further enhance their early learning education:

Pre-Primary Program (5 - 7 years): Equips children with essential skills for primary school success, including advanced literacy, numeracy, science, and social studies concepts.

Primary Program (7 - 9 years): Builds on the foundation laid in earlier years, focusing on advanced academic and social skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, photographic memory, speed reading and communication.

At Chatswood's Shichida Early Learning Centre, every day is a vibrant tapestry of playful learning, unlocking the full potential of young minds and fostering a lifelong love of learning.