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Community celebration for EasterAdvertising Feature

EVERYONE LOVES A FIRE TRUCK: Edmund Brackenridge and Tegan Low visit the Portland Fire and Rescue display at the 2019 Portland Easter Festival. Photo: File

Due to the outbreak of COVID, the last time the Portland Easter Festival was held was in 2019, however this Easter weekend promises to more than make up for the two years of fun and entertainment that has been so greatly missed by the Portland community. With events being held on both Friday, April 15 (Good Friday) and Monday, April 18 (Easter Monday), the program ensures that everyone gets to be a part of the community festivities while still being able to spend the weekend with family and friends.

NO TIME FOR ANYTHING EXCEPT PLAYING: Ryley Carr checks out the awesome playdough station. Photo: File

The 19th annual Portland Easter Festival will kick off on April 15 at 10.30am with "The Way Of The Cross" walk. Starting at the Skate Park in lower Lime St, the walk is designed to help people remember the journey Jesus took from the last supper to his death and resurrection. There will be ten reflection stops along the way and for those who can't make the walk, it will be livestreamed at

GREAT ENTERTAINMENT: Wendy Day and Mark Humphries perform for the eager crowd. Photo: File

On Easter Monday, the Easter Family Festival will be held in Saville Park. Running from 11am to 2pm, there will be plenty of activities and entertainment for the whole community including live music, a craft tent and kids carpentry, book stalls, jumping castles, a visit from the local fire brigade, and so much more, plus who could live without a delicious sausage sandwich or fresh coffee and snacks. The best part about the festival is that everything is free, and if the weather takes a turn for the worse, the festival will move across the road to Portland's amazing Foundations venue.

For more information, call Miriam Palmer on 02 6355 4104 or visit