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Catholic Schools WeekAdvertising Feature

Experience your school communityAdvertising Feature

READY TO CELEBRATE: Mrs Christina Trimble- Executive Director of Schools, Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst. Photo: Supplied

Catholic Schools Week is being celebrated across the Bathurst diocese between March 13-19, and the theme for 2022 is 'Experience the Spirit of Community'.

Our Catholic schools are welcoming communities which seek to support parents as the first educators of their children.

2020 and 2021 have been years punctuated by the COVID pandemic and all that it entailed including lockdowns, remote learning, social distancing, sanitising, ventilation and mask-wearing.

Families have looked to our schools throughout this period as nurturing communities where they know their children will be safe and cared for.

The Catholic Diocese of Bathurst provides a diverse range of educational opportunities to over 9500 students in 33 schools, from primary schools in small rural communities to large secondary schools in the regional towns.

Our schools are communities of faith, part of the local parish community and working closely with that community to form the children in their care. This makes every school unique, as it is found within a unique local environment.

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Bathurst nurture the potential of each child in a holistic, student-centred learning environment. Our schools are led by teachers who are expert educators and who are passionately committed to the learning and wellbeing of each student in their care.

These teachers challenge our young people to live out the message of Jesus and help them to develop the knowledge and skills which will enable them to reach their full potential as compassionate and contributing members of society.

Our Catholic schools are affordable, inclusive, and quality learning communities, and we warmly invite you to 'Experience the Spirit of Community' in your local Catholic school.

Check your local Catholic school website and Facebook page for the dates of open days and meetings with the principal, or visit our website, to make an enrolment enquiry.

  • Mrs Christina Trimble - Executive Director of Schools, Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst

Getting into the spiritAdvertising Feature

Catholic Schools offer a holistic education underpinned by Gospel values and offer a great education for all families.

Catholic Schools Week (CSW) is an annual event and involves the communities of all 590 Catholic primary and secondary schools across NSW and the ACT.

Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst (CEDB) is responsible for 33 schools, approximately 9,300 students and 1,200 staff in the delivery of high-quality Catholic education.

First and foremost, Catholic Schools Week (CSW) is about celebration. The main aim of CSW is to raise awareness and celebrate the strength and distinctiveness of Catholic schools across the state.

CSW will provide an opportunity for Catholic schools to showcase what is done every day in our schools and invite the community in to experience teaching and learning at its best.

Catholic Schools Week is about strengthening relationships between all those that have a stake in our schools - students, staff, families, priests, parishioners, and the wider community.

What can parents expect to find that is valuable in a Catholic school?

You just have to accept the open day invitation and visit one of the schools to see the beauty of the work within; families coming together with schools in providing a robust academic grounding to help their child traverse the world today.

Catholic Schools provide authentic values which is in great demand in workplaces, politics, sport, every sphere of life.

Providing education through the Catholic lens of caring for the individual and loving the person where they are at is at the core of schools.

Catholic Schools offer a holistic education underpinned by Gospel values and offer a great education for all families

A sense of wellbeing and connectedness in schools promotes optimal development of the person as a whole and contributes to academic success.

Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst supports social and emotional welfare by equipping students and their parents with effective strategies, recommendations and tools.

Catholic schools equip students with the knowledge and skills to cultivate their wellbeing through Religious Education, the foundations of literacy and numeracy, and the essential building blocks to learn and grow.