Lithgow City Bowling Club held championships and socials over the weekend

Lithgow City Bowling Club had 34 bowlers play in their event on Wednesday, October 3.

A warm sunny day saw Mike Johnson, Ron Baker and Lionel Johnston come out on top with a winning score of 13+10.

Runner’s up on the day were Peter Kearney, Jack Bennett and Bob Burnett who scored 13+8.

The Championship games were played on Saturday, October 6 and with a chance of rain the weather remained kind and the event went on.

Jeff Madden, Jim Bannerman and Jim Kelly were consistent against opponents Kevin Shorney, Wayne Allan and Paul Crane.

They won 36 to 9 in the 25-end two bowl event.

Graeme Pitt’s and Frank Mierczak’s teams went head-to-head in another championship game played on the day.

Pitt’s team of Peter Kearney and Ian Kapusta took a ten shot lead against Mick Hughes and Rick Slaven who got within two shots before the ends ran out.

Socials on Saturday saw the triples team defeat the pairs for prize money. 

Trio Ian Townsend, Billy Anderson and Ian Birk defeated Ian Townsend, Greg Quinn and Col Wotton 13+11.

Lithgow City Bowling club will hold the second year of the Golden Oldies on Thursday, October 18 and Friday, October 19.

Teams are still wanted for the event and nominations can be made by contacting Club Lithgow on 6351 3375.