So talented: HSC students showcase their major works

The hard work of our senior students went on show at Lithgow High School on Thursday night, September 6. 

The event, held in the school hall, showcased the intricate, time-consuming major works that the students have been working on for months.

The works included art, industrial and wood works and even a work in virtual reality.

Family influence was clearly on show in the design work.

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Lithgow High School’s Ben Weller was inspired to create a Butsudan, a shine found in temples and homes in Japanese Buddhist cultures, by his dad’s faith. 

For classmate Zac Stanford, he worked timber from the family farm into his dart board design. The wood, reclaimed from a fallen chook shed on his grandfather’s property, was approximately 150 years old.

He used an off cut to create a cheese board engraved with the name of the property ‘Glen Maye’. He intended the board as a gift for his grandfather. 

Lithgow High School's Lacey Egan was inspired by a love of Monopoly to create her own wooden version, based on Aussie beaches. 

Please note no photos could be taken of artworks, as they have not been marked.