Snooker | John Zorz Trophy 2018

Point score: Jiggers 37, Helmets 36, Miscues 27, Tall Timbers 24, Red Sox 23, Pockets 21
Point score: Jiggers 37, Helmets 36, Miscues 27, Tall Timbers 24, Red Sox 23, Pockets 21

Week eight, draw September 11 at Club Lithgow Jiggers versus Helmets and at The Workies Tall Timbers versus Miscues and Red Sox versus Pockets.

Pockets whilst in a rebuilding phase have been struggling every week without a win and they have been improving and finally this week they put it all together when they beat a shell shocked Tall Timbers 5–2. It was good to see the smiles on their faces as all the hard work and defeats suffered was forgotten for one week, well done Pockets. Jiggers had to come from behind in their game against Red Sox as they were up in the aggregate and one game behind coming into the last game of which they won to win in a close result 4–3. Red Sox are usually one of the heavy weights of any competition but so far they have only had two wins though there are still seven weeks of comp games to go. Helmets have lost one game and are very consistent as again they won 5–2 against Miscues who are having a very good comp thus far.

Carpet One Tall Timbers versus Williams and Sons Butchery Pockets

Keith Morris versus Robert Bender: Morris for not playing for six weeks might have a case of table rust or even the opposite as he could have been more relaxed to and play well. It was the latter as Morris was straight into his groove and Bender himself was playing well. Bender had his chances and Morris took his chances as he went on to win 60–41.

Bill Cook versus Lawrence Creasy: Both have had a mixed start to the comp and this game had a lot of meaning for Creasy as he was playing his old team. Creasy lost by one point last time he played Timbers so he was bent in extracting revenge though it was not personal against Cook it was the team. Unfortunately for Cook, Creasy bought his ‘A’ game to the table and was off and running early accumulating points and Cook though playing well could not get into a rhythm. Creasy was too strong as he got out of his system a sense of frustration to win 68–39.

Leon Rust versus Brad Preston: Rust has played six games for four wins two losses and Preston four games nil wins and struggling as none of his games have been close. Rust only knows one way to play and that is frantically fast and Preston does not waste too much time either. Now that Preston’s beloved Eels were confirmed wooden spooners he was a lot more relaxed as he came out swinging and played his best game to date as he was potting everything and all Rust could do was watch on. Preston finally won his first game easily 79–25 and Rust like his game quickly vacated the premises.

Howard Fisher versus Steve Hewitt: Fisher since coming back is improving and has two good wins and Hewitt has just been quietly going about his business playing well though not setting the world alight. Hewitt had a ten point lead and he maintained this and even increased the lead and was looking good. Fisher scored a 22 break and was well in contention though Hewitt did not panic as he kept his cool to win 52–44.

Maurie Smith versus Dane Barrington: Smith has had a slow start to the comp and has only come alive in the last couple of weeks and Barrington in his first comp has won two games and looks to have the goods though still in a learning phase. Smith was on fire from the beginning making the game look easy and also was leaving nothing for the novice Barrington. Smith scored a 15 break on his way to an easy win 89–29.

Michael Andrews versus Shane Eagle: Last round Andrews beat Eagle by two points so the revenge factor was in the back of the mind. This is the first comp Eagle has been captain of a team and it has taken awhile for him to balance playing and making decisions. Eagle from the start was steady and pulled ahead easily and once Andrews had settled down he also played well but it was too late as Eagle came home strong to win 75–42. Players of the match, Lawrence Creasy and Maurie Smith.

C & W Printing Red Sox versus Welch’s Highway Smash Repairs Jiggers

Trevor Cameron versus David Adams:  Cameron and Adams have a long work association driving freight trains and usually put on a good show. Since Adams has retired he has been playing well and has lost just the one game and Cameron had a late start to the comp only playing two games. Cameron started out well and maintained this all game and Adams for a while was staying with him. Once Cameron got into Adams head it was only going to go one way and that was all Cameron as he cruised to a 86–58 win.

Peter Warner versus Justin Nelson: Warner started the comp well winning his first two games then he came up against Nelson in the first round who beat him by 64 points and Warner has not won a game since. Warner normally is one of the hardest players to beat and last game was unprepared and now was fully prepped for Nelson. Well the lesson was not learnt as Nelson hit the ground running potting well and not leaving much to Warner to shoot at. Warner did play a few good shots but it was all Nelson as he scored a 19 break to power to an 87–39 win.

John Lyons versus Wayne Lewis: Both these experienced players have not had the best start to the comp as both have won just the single game so both are in the same boat. Lewis had a 25 start and that soon was eliminated early as Lyons scored a 27 break and then was game was on. Lewis made a few early mistakes then settled and it turned out a good game as both had their chances and it was Lyons who prevailed in a close result 60–55.

Rod Denley versus Kyle Lewis: Denley has started the comp slowly winning one game and Lewis with two losses is going along nicely. Both players are not known for quick games but this was an open game with some mistakes and free flowing and not long at all. Denley overcame the 16 start as he played well to outlast Lewis 87–48.

Shannon Baer versus Trent Lewis:  Baer won his first game last week and it is not that he has been playing badly his opponents just have playing better. Lewis suffered his first loss last week and these two played in the first round and then Lewis won by 19 points and had a 44 start and this time he had a 38 start. Baer again did not play badly it was Lewis who had a heap of luck though some of his lucky shots he has been doing for years. Lewis played very well and he increased his winning margin from last time to win 87–40.

Garry Nolan versus Greg Sutton: Looking at the form of both players Nolan should win easy as Sutton has not won a game and playing badly. It has over ten years since they were teammates in Jiggers and every time they play against each other it is close. Sutton had a 30 start and he started out playing some good shots and was playing very safe leaving Nolan nothing and it was frustrating him. Sutton was still a long way ahead on the colours when Nolan started to play snookers and Sutton missed getting out of four of them giving Nolan easy points. With just two colours left Nolan needed both to draw the game. Sutton walked to the table took a deep breath and potted the last two for a 13 break and 76 - 50 win. Players of the match, Justin Nelson and Rod Denley.

Hunter Mining Methods Miscues versus Lithgow Valley Storage Helmets

Brian Nightingale versus Dallas Thurlow: Both of these players were not even going to play this comp with Nightingale claiming his eyes were getting worse and Thurlow because he got left out of the team for one game. Nightingale has two wins and losses and Thurlow two wins one loss and not going that bad. Thurlow was chasing nine points and he was on song early potting well as he would not be stopped as he scored 41 points in breaks of 13, 13 and 15. Thurlow powered on to win easily 72–26 and Nightingale walked away shaking his head as he cleaned his glasses.

Kevin Slaven versus Dillan McBey: Slaven is in a big slump not having won a game lucky it is a team game as his teammates have been carrying him though win or lose he enjoys the camaraderie of his mates. McBey made his debut last comp and since changing teams has not looked back at all and with just one loss and is looking comfortable. They played each other in the first round and McBey won easily by 39 points and Slaven since has improved his game but only just. Once McBey caught Slaven it was a good game as the scores were close then once the black fell into the hole McBey won a close one 59–58 in an entertaining game.

Dennis Goodwin versus Ian Miles: Goodwin after a five week break came back and won last week and the usual steady Miles his form has slipped winning only one game. These two veterans played an open game with few mistakes though no big breaks were scored it was good spectacle as Goodwin posted a good win 49–31.

Allan Piggott versus Dianne Stait: The two captains against each other with both at opposite ends of the spectrum for form. Piggott has lost one game and that was by seven so he has been at the top of his game and Stait has only played one game and that was against Piggott in the first round of which he won by 54. This was another repeat of their last effort as Piggott was too good and Stait only good in patches. To Stait’s credit she reduced the winning margin to 32 as Piggott was easily the victor 66–34.

Matt Tattersall versus Ian Bulkeley: Tattersall is having a scratchy start and Bulkeley has continued his good form from last comp. This was a very good game as both were showing very good form as Tattersall was playing an open game as Bulkeley was but with more safety. In a very close conclusion to the game Bulkeley scraped home 61–60.

Brian Bonus versus Robert Farnsworth: Both St George supporters and one of them like their team was going to choke big time. Farnsworth is undefeated and at the top of his game and Bonus is struggling finally getting that first elusive win last week. Their form was an indication of how the game result was going to turn out as Farnsworth was all over Bonus like a wet blanket. Bonus could not get into the game as the choke arrived Farnsworth was just too good 73–20. Players of the match, Robert Farnsworth and Allan Piggott.

Point score: Jiggers 37, Helmets 36, Miscues 27, Tall Timbers 24, Red Sox 23, Pockets 21

Regal: R.Farnsworth, A.Piggott, D.McBey, W.Barrington, T.Lewis, J.Nelson, I.Bulkeley, D.Adams