Scots All Saints College: Questions and answers

NEW BEGINNING: David Gates will lead Scots All Saints College into a new and exciting educational future. Visit for more information.
NEW BEGINNING: David Gates will lead Scots All Saints College into a new and exciting educational future. Visit for more information.


The Scots School and All Saints’ College will begin a new educational journey in 2019. Here the college answers some frequently asked questions: 

Q: What is the name of the new combined school?

From July 2018, the new combined school is called Scots All Saints College. 

Q: What is the purpose of Scots All Saints College? What does it offer?

Scots All Saints College is the start of a new, innovative era for education in NSW providing a leading regional Co-educational Boarding and Day School structure.

Catering to students of all ages, it offers a Pre-K, Junior, Middle and Senior School. There are campuses in Bathurst and Lithgow with unrivalled space and facilities.

Boarders will be accommodated on a single site, encouraging strong links between siblings and families.

Owned by the Presbyterian Church, the school has a strong faith mission endorsing family and Christian values which are strong, inclusive and community-focused providing educational opportunities for all students.

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Q: What are the key advantages of combining the two schools? 

There are many reasons why Scots All Saints College will be the school of choice for the region including:

The outstanding calibre and caring nature of teaching staff bringing academic excellence for all students from Pre-K through to senior years including a unique Middle School campus for Years 5 – 8.

Expanded opportunities for students offering a wide subject choice, co-curricular opportunities such as music, sport, agriculture, cadets and Duke of Edinburgh.

Extensive resources, space and facilities including unrivalled campuses in Bathurst and Lithgow, boarding facilities and accommodation for parents.

Greater opportunity through economies of scale to add value to educational development through innovative programs.

Significantly improved specialist educational programs, such as an increased focus and opportunities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Increased elective subject offerings in Years 9-12.

State-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities that will continue to be upgraded and expanded to cater to student needs.

Student wellbeing systems based on science and learnings from positive psychology.

Q: What are the values?

The values, developed by the School Board, in consultation with the Headmaster and Senior Executive staff, will reflect core principles:

The Quest for Excellence through adventure, initiative, creativity and growth.

Faith and Tradition which inspires truth, honour, courtesy and freedom.

Leadership through Teams in a spirit of service, compassion, fun and community.

Q: What is the vision/mission for the new College?

The mission reflects educating and growing the whole person within a Christian worldview with a vision where young men and women of integrity and compassion unite to challenge the present and create a better world.

Q: Who is the Headmaster and leadership team of the Scots All Saints College?

David Gates is the Headmaster of Scots All Saints College. Mr Gates will work with Tracey Leaf, Head of Scots Campus; Chris Jackman, Head of All Saints Campus; and Greg Jones, Head of Academic Excellence and Compliance across both campuses.

Q: What will be the new uniform for the new school?

Uniforms are currently being developed by designers following consultation with parent representatives. There will be a transitional period of up to two years before all students will be required to wear the new uniform. Students can continue to wear existing uniforms.

Q: Where will the students be located in 2019?

Scots All Saints College will operate from two main sites at the existing Scots Campus and All Saints campus:

  • Pre-K - All Saints Campus, Bathurst
  • Pre-K- Scots Campus, Bathurst
  • Kindergarten to Year 4 - Junior School - All Saints Campus, Bathurst
  • Years 5 - 8 - Newly created Middle School - All Saints Campus, Bathurst
  • Years 9 -12 - Senior School - Scots Campus, Bathurst
  • Boarding Years 6 - 12 - Scots Campus, Bathurst
  • The Lithgow Campus will remain as Pre-K to Year 6. 

Q: What is the school fee structure for 2019?

The school fee structure for the following year is determined by the School Board on an annual basis in Term 4. The Pre-K fee structure has been finalised for 2019. 

Q: Who can I talk to if I have further questions?

Please feel free to contact the school. A new email box has been set up to help answer questions: Mr Gates is available to meet with parents or respond to emails,