Winter Proof Your Home

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Top tips for preparing your home in winter are really common sense

Housing Industry Association's Simon Croft

HOMEOWNERS are being reminded to winter-proof their properties before the cold weather sets in.

Minor jobs such as cleaning gutters and checking for any damage on roofs can be done now, according to Housing Industry Association executive director of building policy Simon Croft.

But take safety precautions.

Call in the professionals for more extensive work, such as repairing damaged roofing, cleaning the chimney or servicing a heating system.

“Many top tips for preparing your home in winter are really common sense and involve a bit of home maintenance,” Mr Croft says.

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Heating systems may require a trained professional to service the system and ensure it is all working correctly and efficiently.

Good practice for fireplaces includes checking chimneys and vents are clean and in good repair, however, this task will generally be more appropriate to be undertaken by a trained professional. 

Check roofs for any damaged, loose or missing tiles-shingles that may leak during winter’s storms. 

If there are any gaps between window or door frames bigger than the width of a 20c piece, particularly in older houses, seals or exterior caulk can help to restrict unwanted heat loss.