Two cars have tyres vandalised on Albert Street | Police briefs

A Toyota Yaris and Jeep Patriot were vandalised on Albert Street at 11pm on Wednesday, August 8. 

The wheels of both cars were deflated and after thorough police inspection it was found the wheels weren’t punctured, only let down. 

Break and enter 

A number of tools have been stolen during a break and enter that occurred on Guy Street, Lithgow, between Sunday, August 5 and Wednesday, August 8. 

Police are currently investigating the break and enter that saw drills, a jack hammer and a nail gun stolen from the premises. 

Police are asking residents to come forward if they have any information about the break and enter.  

Money stolen

Money has been stolen from a house on Inch Street after a man described as wearing an Orange Hi-Vis shirt entered the premises. 

Between 10am-11am on Tuesday, August 7 the man entered the house and stole an amount of money from inside before leaving in an unknown direction. 

Police are asking for anyone with further information about the man to come forward. 

Counterfeit money

Several counterfeit $50 and $100 notes have been used over the past week. 

Police are asking residents to be vigilant when receiving money and to make sure that it has the appropriate markings to ensure it isn’t counterfeit. 

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