Lithgow train passengers delayed as driver unavailable


Passengers on the 11.24am Lithgow to Central service on Tuesday, August 7 were delayed an hour due to no driver being available. 

A spokesperson for NSW Trains said a driver and crew that was available at Mount Victoria operated the service from there to Central on time.

No emergency bus was made available for the passengers at the Lithgow platform. Passengers waited an hour for a driver to arrive and continue the service into Sydney. 

It is not known why the driver was unavailable. 

One irate passenger, who preferred to remain anonymous, left the train after 20 minutes when he realised the service was not going to get him to his Sydney appointment on time. 

“This is a basic service that we rely on, it is a main artery that keeps the system working,” he told the Lithgow Mercury. 

“You’ve got people, people getting older, who are waiting six months sometimes to make an appointment to see a doctor in Sydney and they can’t afford to miss it. 

“There’s got to be a back-up available at all times.”

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