Capertee drought delivery: Motorcycle clubs come together to fund feed

Picture: SUPPLIED.
Picture: SUPPLIED.

Capertee farmers will be getting a delivery of feed on Saturday, August 25. 

The Apostles Christian Motor Cycle Club together with The Axemen Firefighters Motorcycle Club have raised funds and organised transport to bring some needed stock feed to the Capertee Valley farming community.

They have raised the funds with the generous support of Firstyle Homes and many of their friends and families.

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One of the organisers, Tino Carfi, who owns a property at Capertee, said he could see how hard some people were doing. 

“We want people who need it to come down with their trucks and load up,” he said. 

“The farmers are hurting and we wanted to do something.

“If anyone needs it, or knows of someone else who needs it, come to the hall.”

The clubs came together to raise funds to cover the cost of feed, of transport, drivers, and diesel. 

The feed will be trucked into Glen Alice Community Hall grounds for handing out to the most needy of our community on Saturday, August 25 around mid-morning.

The boys will be cooking a sausage sizzle barbecue and all are welcome.