Wallerawang students remember class mates at memorial morning tea

Students from Wallerawang Public School wore pink, blue and purple on Thursday, August 2 as a way of honouring classmates Simon Williams and Rebecca Karini. 

The gold coin donation that students gave to wear mufti was then donated to the Nathan Doggett’s Journey foundation. 

“This is a special day remembering Simon and Rebecca and for us to support fundraising in the local area,” Relieving principal Jenny Lamborn said. 

“All of the money we make from today will go to Nathan Doggett’s journey so that we can help him on his road to recovery.” 

The P&C held a special morning tea where they gave out fairy bread and fruit platters. 

Lollipops were also donated by Simon’s mum, Renee Bradford, and given out to students at the end of the day. 

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