The Saint: Mayor’s omission was poor form | Opinion

Premier's visit.

Premier's visit.

IRRESPECTIVE of any political differences (‘.. surely not’ do I hear you say?) it was poor form to exclude Mayor Lesslie from the Meet Gladys invitation list last week.

The Mayor is our community’s elected leader and charged with representing our interests at every level and both protocol and common courtesy dictate he should have had the opportunity to meet with the Premier.

A simple and perhaps forgivable oversight or hardball political point scoring on someone’s part?

Either way it was not a good look.

Selling out our privacy

STILL on things political and no one divides opinion quite like Pauline Hanson.

But even her most ardent detractors would have to agree with her latest criticism of corporate Australia’s obsession with overseas call centres.

Companies and service providers indulged in wholesale dumping of local staff to hand over our details to cut price operators on the sub continent.

They’re inflicting a frustrating disservice on their clients who often struggle to negotiate those foreign accents emanating out of places like Mumbai.

Should we be happy with our personal details being available to and negotiated by some far away faceless entity on the other end of a phone line?

Revive the ‘walk’

WITH the Cook Street Plaza overhaul apparently near completion it is opportune to complete the job by reviving a proposal to a previous council that seemed a good idea at the time but was conveniently forgotten.

The idea was to create an attractive ‘bushwalk avenue’ from the plaza and extending the length of Cook Street to link up with the little known walking track to Bracey Lookout and beyond. 

First it needs a little imagination followed up by the will to do it.

Snow day

Our hard-playing soccer correspondents reported some swirling snow on Saturday afternoon, but nothing to settle. 

Final thought

NOW that penalty rates for the workers have been slashed can we expect a matching reduction in the weekend and public holiday surcharges imposed by so many venues?