Cullen Bullen Public School’s students embrace world flavours

The arts and culture of countries around the world grabbed the imaginations of Cullen Bullen students this term. 

Cullen Bullen Public School’s study of Geography this term involved individual research projects about a chosen country for all students in K-6.

The goal of the project was to develop student understanding of many different cultures.

Students explored location, language, major landmarks, clothing, music, art and religion.

Their efforts culminated in an amazing Travel Expo on Thursday, June 18. 

Parents and community members visited the school to experience a multicultural feast. 

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As well as dining out on exotic foods, it was a chance for the community to learn some interesting facts about countries from around the world.

The school sent its special thanks to its hardworking P&C and parent helpers. 

They were instrumental in preparing all those delicious cuisines from each nominated country.