Drought reinforces importance of clean water sources | Letter

It seems incongruous that at a time when Lithgow council is seeking drought relief for our area we have major works underway as part of a plan to clean up the heavily contaminated mine water that Springvale Colliery has been releasing into the Upper Coxs River catchment, with the damage that has caused to the water quality from Lake Wallace through the Blue Mountains to Warragamba Dam.

The plan to transfer a large part of that cleaned water seventy kilometres to Blayney is seen by Centroc as a great boost to not only with jobs at the Regis gold mine but also a boost to the Central Western Region's agriculture - some drought-proofing.

Meanwhile Lithgow loses clean water that could have replaced the saline drip that has been pumped into the Coxs River for years. Donald Trump would declare that a Bad Deal.

Peter Drinkall