Terry Longdon Memorial Trophy 2018

Draw June 12 at The Workies Minor Semi-Final Tall Timbers versus Jiggers and Major Semi-Final Red Sox v Helmets.

Week one of the Semi-finals has now been completed with one close game and one a whitewash and the victors were the higher placed teams. The Elimination Semi Final between fourth placed Jiggers and fifth placed Pockets went to the last game though Pockets had to win by 55 points as Jiggers were up 3–2 but alas it was not to be as Jiggers won that game to win 4–2 with Pockets now having a break until the next comp. The Qualifying Semi-Final was between second placed Helmets and third placed Tall Timbers and this was a complete whitewash as Helmets won 4–0 with only Maurie Smith put up any resistance losing by two points. This week Red Sox play Helmets with the winner going straight to the Grand Final and Helmets have not beaten Red Sox all comp. The same with the other game when Tall Timbers play Jiggers and Tall Timbers have not been beaten by Jiggers all comp with the loser bowing out.

Elimination Semi-Final

Welch’s Highway Smash Repairs Jiggers versus Williams and Sons Butchery Pockets: Kyle Lewis versus Steve Hewitt: Lewis and Hewitt last played on the January 30 then Lewis won by 13 points but semi-final pressure can do strange things to some players. Lewis dedication to the team is admirable as he should have been home as he had a bad dose of the lurgy but with one player not available being away and another sick in bed he played saving his team forfeiting a game. Hewitt showed no compassion as he went about playing his best game to date. Lewis tried very hard played some good shots but the mistakes were his undoing. Hewitt won 74–38 and put his team in a good position. Pockets 1-0 +36 aggregate.

David Adams versus Dillan McBey: These two have not met before though Adams has a lot more experience and this is McBey’s first competition. Adams had a 12 start and with him playing some good safety lately this was going to be interesting as McBey is mainly attack. Adams started out cautiously and was potting the loose balls and then played safe. McBey when he got the chance was looking good with some good shots himself but Adams was frustrating him with the safety. Adams was real confident as he was not going to be headed and his experience was enough to win 68–45. Score 1-1 Pockets +13.

Trent Lewis versus Shane Eagle: Lewis played Eagle on May 15 and that time Eagle won by 13 points so Lewis was after retribution. The game started out with both playing well potting some good shots then the Lewis luck raised its head big time. Lewis was slamming some shots in the pocket with reds cannoning off other balls and going into the pocket. Eagle just kept shaking his head not believing what he was seeing and it affected his game as he was missing shots. Lewis was just unstoppable once he got going and with a 13 break cruised to a 70–30 win. Jiggers 2–1 + 27.

Wade Barrington versus Trystan Ford: Barrington has struggled this comp and Ford after ten weeks of not playing had a game last week and he had won that one. This was their first meeting so they did not know how the other plays and they do play a similar style of game. Barrington was on the board early playing well and Ford took a little while to get his game going. Ford was never too far away from Barrington and was cleaning up the balls his opponent left and at the back end of the game Ford made his move with some good shots took the lead to win 47 – 30. Score 2–2 Jiggers + ten.

Greg Sutton versus Brad Preston: Sutton has not had a good comp having won six games though his last outing he won comfortably and Preston has played well winning nine games and had a close loss last game after winning five consecutive games. Sutton was quick out of the blocks potting reds and pinks and pushing the score along. Preston could only manage about four reds early with no follow up on the colours. Sutton was lucky a couple of times as if it was not for a couple of balls blocking the way the white would have went into the pocket. Preston settled into a rhythm late in the game and was getting points but still needed snookers to catch up. Sutton was just too dominate potting some of the colours for an easy 74–30 win. Jiggers 3–2 +54.

Troy Clarke versus Kyal Furbank: Though semi-final snooker is not always easy Clarke has a fairly easy task to either win or lose by 53 points because his team was in a good position. Furbank on the other hand had an enormous task to he had to win by 55 points for his team to win a big ask especially for a player not used to pressure. This was a slow game and it was Furbank who made the first inroads and took the lead and was putting up a good early fight. Clarke did make some mistakes through nerves then he suddenly sank a couple and in the end he mowed down the deficit and won on the last three balls 45 – 37.

Qualifying Semi-Final

Lithgow Valley Storage Helmets versus Carpet One Tall Timbers: Ian Miles versus Bill Cook: The big difference between Miles and Cook is the amount of wins they had through the competition rounds. Miles had won 11 and Cook four so Miles is definitely in form and Cook had his last win on March 20. Cook had a 14 start and if he was to hit form now would be the time. Unfortunately it was not to be as both carried their comp form into the games and Miles was on the attack from the start. Cook did play some good shots but made far too many mistakes as Miles had an easy win 78–31. Helmets 1–0.

Dallas Thurlow versus Maurie Smith: Another game with both players with different form with Thurlow finishing with a 50% stat and Smith in his last ten games only lost once. This was the closest game on the night as both played good shots interspersed with good safety. In the end Thurlow held on by the skin of his teeth as he won 56 – 54 and with Smith just losing it should have been a precursor for his team mates to take confidence out of it. Helmets 2–0.

RW Farnsworth versus Aaron Vandermeer: Two form players against each other this had the hallmarks of a classic game. Farnsworth has played 17 of the 20 games and has won 13 whilst Vandermeer has played 16 for ten wins. Farnsworth had to give a 25 start and from the opening gambit he was on the attack and Vandermeer was suddenly gun shy. Farnsworth was just relentless and he eliminated the start by scoring a 28 break. Farnsworth had an easy win 78–38 and all Vandermeer could do was score 13 points. Helmets 3–0.

Robert Farnsworth versus Frank Wawn: It was simple mathematics for Tall Timbers they have to win the next three games and by big margins and Helmets they just have to win one game. As wins/losses go Farnsworth was 7/8 and Wawn was 8/5 and was the better form player. Farnsworth did not want to be the first Helmets player to lose so he came out with a positive attitude as the pressure was on Wawn to perform. Wawn did his very best but the balls was not rolling for him and Farnsworth was playing well potting some good shots and playing safe minimising what shots Wawn had to choose from. Farnsworth continued his teams whitewash to win 69–38. Helmets 4–0.