May Midweek Ladies Tennis report


The Midweek ladies competition entered into its thirteenth round on Thursday, May 10. 

On court four it was a close match between Kelpies and Pit Bulls. Margaret Vidler’s fast accurate serves and Liz Conroy’s solid rallies for Kelpies put their opposition in defence mode.

However, Rosemary Rust’s great volleys and Pam Field’s consistency responded well for Pit Bulls and they snatched a narrow 28-26 triumph.

On court six Rottweilers and Dalmatians tried hard all match to win over the windy conditions. Despite Julie Grant’s great feet pickups and Carol Andison’s fast returns plus a first set win, Rottweilers just kept missing the winning shot for the remainder of the day.

Solid tennis by Lorraine Dowler and never-say-die attitude by Lyn Lambert for Dalmatians ensured the good 30-24 win.

The previous round on May 3 saw Poodles take on Pit Bulls and Kelpies face Dalmations. 

Leanne Fitzgerald started the match for Pit Bulls with great speed around the court and well placed returns while team mate Margaret Donachie deployed great lobs and drop shots applying pressure to the opposition.

It was a welcome return to tennis by Kerryl Simmons who hasn’t lost her great cross court returns and with Kristy Burgess’ accurate serves Poodles secured a 27-27 draw.

On court six Kelpies and Dalmatians enjoyed great tennis with long rallies by Sandy Cox and consistent speedy returns by Robyn Patterson made it clear Dalmations were in for a fight. Kerrie Higlett showed great reach and Jill Young’s good placement in her returns enabled Kelpies to a solid 36-18 victory.

With only two rounds to go players are reminded to put their names down for the winter competition commencing June 7.

Next week: Kelpies V Poodles, Rottweilers V Pit Bulls

Bye: Dalmatians Duty club: Pit Bulls.

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