Snooker: Terry Longdon Memorial Trophy 2018

Point score: Red Sox 74, Helmets 69, Tall Timbers 58, Jiggers 57, Pockets 50, Miscues 49.
Point score: Red Sox 74, Helmets 69, Tall Timbers 58, Jiggers 57, Pockets 50, Miscues 49.

Draw May15 week 17 at Club Lithgow Miscues versus Red Sox and at The Workies Tall Timbers versus Helmets and Pockets versus Jiggers. Reminder to all players fees are due tonight please.

With four teams fighting for three positions Tall Timbers pulled off a good 4–3 win over Pockets and this was the first time this comp Timbers had beat their opponent. Red Sox firmed defeated Jiggers 4–3 and not everything went their way. Helmets also continued their winning way when they beat Miscues 5–2. Red Sox are only five points in front of Helmets and in two weeks’ time they play each other and that should determine the Minor Premiership. Red Sox have beaten them in the last three rounds.

Carpet One Tall Timbers versus Williams and Sons Butchery Pockets

Lawrence Creasy versus Shane Eagle: Creasy must have thought ‘what have I done wrong’ for the third time this comp he drew Shane Eagle and three times Eagle was the victor. Luckily for Creasy it did not affect him too much as he blocked out the past and concentrated on the now. Eagle for a while did throw a scare at him but he maintained focus to finally beat Eagle 75–32.

Michael Andrews versus Brad Preston: Andrews has fallen into a mini two game losing slump and Preston has done opposite winning his last two. Andrews is the elder statesman of his team and plays a good game and Preston goes well in patches. Andrews went about pulling back the 26 points with some good play that included a 14 break. Preston kept potting some good shots as well and it went right down to the wire as Preston stumbled to a narrow 65–64 win.

Aaron Vandermeer versus Steve Hewitt: Vandermeer played Hewitt in the second round and it was Hewitt who took the chocolates that time. Since that time Vandermeer has won four and lost two and Hewitt won three and lost six so the odds were in Vandermeer’s favour. This was a game that hardly any safety was played as both like an open game and the longer the game went the better Vandermeer got as he mowed down Hewitt 68–52.

Frank Wawn versus Dillan McBey: Wawn has found form winning his last three and McBey still finding his feet has lost seven in a row. Wawn had to chase 27 start and he was doing this fairly easily as McBey kept setting him up with some sitters. McBey looked pretty good in patches and once he finds his form he will be hard to beat. Wawn powered on to a very good 75–55 win.

Leon Rust versus Kyal Furbank: These pair faced each other in the second round then Rust won by four points. This like their other game was fairly open and close all the way until the end. When it looked like Rust was going to repeat his last effort Furbank popped up and won on the bell 66–59.

Michael McCosker versus Jeff Holt: Very rare that McCosker has a bad comp and this one he has only accumulated four wins and Jeff Holt is playing like a young player winning eight games and not looking like stopping. Holt again played like a madman and was potting all in front of him and McCosker was putting a few good shots down but was falling further behind. Holt was too good winning 73–40. Players of the match were Lawrence Creasy and Jeff Holt.

Welch’s Highway Smash Repairs Jiggers versus C & W Printing Red Sox 

Wade Barrington versus Trevor Cameron: Barrington finally got a run of two wins together then he had a loss two days after getting his appendix out so now he was back fighting fit and was going to try and get back on track. Cameron has only played five games this comp as he has become a grey nomad some of the comp. Barrington had a 31 start and was on fire from the start and Cameron as usual took a little time to get going. Cameron scored an 11 break which was good it did not help him as Barrington got away to a good lead and won 65–47.

Troy Clarke versus Leo Keeley: Clarke is having a bit of a rough trot as he won three and lost seven and the evergreen Keeley is averaging about a 50 per cent win/loss stat. Keeley had to give Clarke 33 start and this is a lot of start especially if Clarke can pot a few. Keeley started out well and was catching the score and Clarke though not at his best early was scoring some points. Getting close to the colours Keeley put himself within striking distance when Clarke come good and shot ahead to win 77–43.

Wayne Lewis versus Jeff Stait: These two played each other in the second round and then it was Lewis who won but since that game Stait is onwards and upwards and Lewis is in a slump. Stait has won 11 games and lost four with his last two being losses and Lewis won eight early games but now has lost his last four games. Stait was straight onto the attack from the first shot and his intentions were clear. Lewis was all at sea as a lot of shots were either close or jawed in the pocket. Stait was relentless as he kept potting and with breaks of 19 and 18 just kept getting further ahead. Lewis scored nine points all game as Stait easily dominated 74 – 24.

Trent Lewis versus John Lyons: Lewis had a glitch in his last two games by losing them but prior to that he has won ten games and doing very well. Lyons on the other hand is running at 50 per cent and to add to that had to give 47 start. It looked like Lewis might be in for a bad game as he completely missed the pack of reds on the break. Lyons took his time and was knocking some small breaks in and Lewis was potting reds and the colours kept jawing in the pocket frustrating him. Lyons scored a very good 28 break and finally took the lead when on the colours doing all the hard work. Lewis then came alive by potting the brown and blue but not in a break. Lyons then missed the pink and Lewis then potted the last two for a 13 break to pull the rug out from Lyons 80–57.

Kyle Lewis versus Tom Gaynor: Lewis after starting the comp with eight wins has lost his last three and is starting to struggle and Gaynor is just so consistent winning nine games for four losses. Lewis did start off well potting some good shots and Gaynor was struggling early missing a lot of shots but that only lasted to about half way through. With what seemed to be the normal for Jiggers players Lewis then started to jaw some shots and Gaynor started to catch the deficit. Gaynor played very well to not only catch the large lead but go on to win 66–49.

Greg Sutton versus Garry Nolan: Even though Sutton has won five games it is only two of them has he played well the other three were lucky whilst Nolan has won eight games and not going badly at all. Sutton potted the first seven reds and jawed the black twice, blue once and could not get a colour though he was keeping Nolan in check with good safety. Sutton left one red out then suddenly Nolan scored a 24 break and just kept going to easily win 76–39. The players of the match were Garry Nolan and Troy Clarke.

Lithgow Valley Storage Helmets versus Hunter Mining Methods Miscues

RW Farnsworth versus Garry Bender: Farnsworth is having a cracker of a comp winning 11 games with just the two losses and he has only missed playing three games and two of them were against Miscues so they were an unknown quantity to him. Bender is plodding along nicely winning more than losing but he hit a runaway train in Farnsworth. Farnsworth was chasing a 28 start and that was quickly eradicated when he scored a 28 break then he also went to score another two breaks of 15 and 21 and was unstoppable. Bender sunk a few shots that was left for him but Farnsworth was just too good 97–47.

Brett Bradley versus Matt Tattersall: Bradley had a very good 2017 and this year has been full of pot holes as his form is average and Tattersall who also had a very good 2017 has continued his form. This was a very close game all the through with both playing well with both with different styles. Bradley plays out a grinding kind of game and Tattersall is casual and likes a free flowing game. Both went well and it was very close and Tattersall just held out his opponent 55–52.

Robert Farnsworth versus Col Tattersall: Farnsworth is back on track after four consecutive losses he has won his last two and Tattersall has been playing out of his large skin winning four in a row. Farnsworth beat Tattersall in the second round and he was going to try and repeat that effort. That time Farnsworth had to give a 36 start and this time a 33 start and the result was the same. Both played well though Farnsworth played the better game as not only did he pull back the lead he timed his run well to win 69–60.

Dallas Thurlow versus Kevin Slaven: Both are pretty close in win/loss stats with Thurlow 4/5 and Slaven 5/7 and they played each other in the first round with Slaven winning. A better performance this week by Thurlow as he took control early in the match. There were a lot of mistakes by both players though it was entertaining with Thurlow winning 64–42.

Ian Miles versus Brian Nightingale: Two players saying they will not be playing next comp as they are having problems with their eyes so this game was a case of the blind leading the blind. They played the first round and Miles won by 37 and he has been fairly consistent and Nightingale has lost his last five. Another entertaining game was played by both and again it was Miles who could see the light at the end of the tunnel to win in a fairly close game 50–42.

Dianne Stait versus Ritchie Bilby: Two struggling players who have a go and enjoy the game and were played in the right spirit until the end. Bilby has been playing more games that Stait and this showed as he played the better game and he went on to win 51–39. The players of the match were RW Farnsworth and Matt Tattersall.