The Saint: LithGlow draws people out in single digit temperatures


THE measure of success of any community event is the level of community response. And with what seemed like thousands defying single digit temperatures to participate in LithGlow events on Saturday it was clearly a 10/10 approval rating. 

Everywhere from the Small Arms Factory to Portland and Wang and finally to Blast Furnace Park drew shivering but enthusiastic crowds. 

But for many there came the evening after the night before disappointment that the light show did not continue into Sunday.

Council had planned and paid for full page advertisements in the local media clearly declaring LithGlow would be held May 12 and 13 - Saturday and Sunday.

But the advertised ‘weekend’ turned out to be a one night stand rather than a second night love in. Sunday night saw a continual stream of visitors to the site of Saturday night’s warm glow of success only to leave disappointed. Better luck next year.

Can we assist?

NOT to be outdone by their regional cousins (that’s us) the Orange Council is set to embark on its own major CBD ‘revitalisation’. Seem familiar? It is, but on a vastly bigger budget. 

According to weekend media reports Orange is to hoping to receive a hefty $20 million from State Government coffers to add to ratepayer funding for a $30 million project.  

They obviously need a lot more ‘revitalising’ than we did.

With Lithgow’s five months of experience in this field already in the can we’re wondering if they’ll be seeking our guidance. Watch this space.

Art on a grand scale

IF you haven’t checked out the monumental art work currently under way on the old Portland cement silos then you’re missing quite a staggering visual experience.

Partly completed it’s already an amazing piece of work and even more impressive under LithGlow illumination. 

The project is fully funded by site owners AWJ Civil as a key part of their Foundations redevelopment of the cement works site.  

Now how about something similarly grand on the giant concrete cooling tower at Wallerawang power station? Has to be cheaper than demolition.