Terry Longdon Memorial Trophy 2018

Point score: Red Sox 57, Helmets 53, Jiggers 48, Tall Timbers 43, Pockets 39, Miscues 33.
Point score: Red Sox 57, Helmets 53, Jiggers 48, Tall Timbers 43, Pockets 39, Miscues 33.

Week 13, draw April 17 at Club Lithgow Miscues versus Pockets and at The Workies Helmets versus Red Sox and Tall Timbers versus Jiggers.

Last week Tall Timbers caused the surprise when they defeated 2nd placed Helmets fairly easily 5 - 2 and reversed the first two rounds results when Helmets beat them twice. Jiggers were on fire when the beat a very lethargic Pockets 6 – 1 and that is the second time this comp Jiggers has done this. Red Sox continued their dominance over Miscues with a 5 – 2 win and their last two meetings Red Sox won 6 – 1 both times. This week some interesting games you have first placed Red Sox verses second placed Helmets of which Red Sox have won these encounters easily. Third placed Jiggers play fourth placed Tall Timbers and Timbers won those two games and fifth placed Pockets play sixth placed Miscues with both trying to avoid the wooden spoon with Miscues having won both in their encounters.

Lithgow Valley Storage Helmets versus Carpet One Tall Timbers:

RW Farnsworth versus Keith Morris: This was a good match up as Farnsworth has only lost one game and won nine and Morris has won eight and lost two. Both in form and these pair played in the first round of which Farnsworth was the victor. Farnsworth left his form back home as he played his worst game to date and Morris was just ruthless. Morris had a 22 start and on top of this scored a 15 break which rattled Farnsworth to his bootlaces. Farnsworth showed glimpses of good potting but it was all Morris 78 – 26.

Tom Drury versus Bill Cook: Drury has found the fountain of youth as the veteran is playing like a much younger version of himself with eight wins and two losses. Cook on the other hand is having a mixed comp losing more than he is winning. Not a bad game in the end if you get past the missed shots and some of Cooks luck not quite with him. Drury again was at the peak of his game as he came home strong to win 50 – 37.

Logan Spice versus Lawrence Creasy: This should have been a mismatch as Spice is going really well with six wins and two losses and Creasy just seems to be making up the numbers as he has lost all but one game. Spice was chasing 17 points from the start and both seem to hit the wall as a lot of reds were potted and not much colours to follow. Mistakes were common though Spice was doing enough to finally catch Creasy. A low scoring game and in the end an entertaining one of which Spice only just scraped in 46 – 44.

Ian Bulkeley versus Aaron Vandermeer:  Bulkeley’s form has been mixed this comp he has won two games and lost four though some of those losses he has played well. Vandermeer has found some consistency and has vastly improved his game. Both did their best though it was Vandermeer who maintained the 19 start he had to win 57 – 38. Ian Miles v Maurie Smith: These pair had eye trouble with different parts of the comp as Miles was wearing his glasses to play early in the comp and winning now he is playing without and losing. Smith had a procedure done to his eyes early and could not see well to play and since they are better has won his last three. This went as expected as Smith was seeing them well and Miles played well though was just a little bit off with some shots as Smith scored a 13 break to power ahead 62 – 40.

Brett Bradley versus Michael McCosker: Both running close to 50 per cent wins/losses and both not playing at their very best only in patches which must frustrating to them. McCosker beat Bradley by 44 points last time so Bradley was ready for some kind of redemption. Another game that was low scoring as both were putting the reds away and only small breaks to follow. Bradley went a lot better this time though McCosker not as well but enough to fall over the line 46 – 42. The players of the match were Keith Morris and Tom Drury.

Welch’s Highway Smash Repairs Jiggers versus Williams and Sons Butchery Pockets:

Wayne Lewis versus Steve Hewitt: Both have similar figures but in the opposite columns as Lewis has 8 wins and Hewitt 8 losses. With the form Lewis is in he should have been a shoe in as Hewitt is not playing well at all. Lewis had to chase 29 points and he started out confidently potting well and Hewitt was just potting enough to keep the scoreboard ticking over. In the end Lewis needed snookers and with making a mistake Hewitt took advantage to be a 55 – 50 winner.

Trent Lewis versus Kyal Furbank: This time last year Lewis was on a +38 handicap since then he has been consistent and now on a +23 and is getting better though has been playing a few years now. Furbank has just been playing a couple of comps now and his handicap is staying the same especially when his stats are at 50 per cent win/loss. This was a very good game as both were giving nothing away and both went shot for shot. Furbank did very well but a lapse of concentration was enough for Lewis to win 38 – 37.

Wade Barrington versus Jeff Holt: Barrington whilst still trying to find his feet in his second comp goes well early then somehow freezes up and gets beat. Holt is enjoying his comp as he is winning well with a couple of glitches in his loss column. Barrington has been trying hard and has been practicing hard to go with it and it paid off this time. Barrington came out of the blocks early and seemed relaxed and Holt came out the same potting well early. Barrington though was racking up a lot of small breaks and his safety was pretty spot on. Hopefully this was a defining game in Barrington’s future as he easily beat Holt 80 – 35.

Justin Nelson versus Brad Preston: Nelson is in the unusual position of having more losses than wins against his name though nearly every game he gives a lot of start and it was no different this time as Preston got 42. Preston won last week after losing six in a row was very happy and ready to play. Both started out missing a lot of shots especially Preston who only scored seven points whilst the reds were on the table. Nelson finally got into his rhythm scored a 20 break and quickly caught up. Preston sank a couple of the colours to skip ahead but Nelson did not panic and sank the last two for a 13 break and an 84 – 58 win in a scrappy affair.

Kyle Lewis versus Dillon McBey: Lewis is going very well and McBey even though his first comp with one win some of his losses has been close. Lewis potted some very good shots but a lot more were very lucky as they kissed another ball to in the pocket or he put McBey in an accidental snooker. Again McBey played some very good shots for no luck as the luck was all Lewis as he cruised to a 90 – 56 win.

David Adams versus Shane Eagle:  Adams is cruising with four consecutive wins and playing to his best and Eagle has 6 consecutive wins and playing the better game at the moment. They played each other in the first round and Adams was a 37 point winner that time and was going to try and emulate that. Eagle started out quickly like he usually does and was going well and Adams just took his time and also was potting some very good shots. Eagle could not make any headway as Adams was too good 76 – 49. The players of the match were Kyle Lewis and Steve Hewitt.

C & W Printing Red Sox versus Hunter Mining Methods Miscues:

John Lyons versus Matt Tattersall: Lyons has lost his last three games of which two were black ball results and Tattersall is on a good run winning his last four. Tattersall had a 22 start and he maintained this large lead with good play and Lyons though not really pulling back the lead was never too far away score wise. With two reds left Lyons made his move and took control of the game with good potting and snookers and ran away with the match 76 – 41.

Trevor Cameron versus Kevin Slaven: Cameron has not played for seven weeks so you would have thought that he had a case of table rust even then he has only played three games all up. Slaven had one of rare wins last week and with having a 33 start he was backing himself. Last time they played each other Cameron won by 15 and that was about to be blown right out of the water. Slaven scored six points all match as it was all Cameron as he scored a 21 break and was just relentless. To rub it into Slaven he had won the game easily but kept snookering Slaven because he could. Cameron won 123 – 39.

Jeff Stait versus Ritchie Bilby: Stait is leading the Regal Trophy list sitting on ten wins and Bilby is struggling with his form losing his last three games. Stait seems to be unbeatable at the moment and nothing was to change as he went about to catch the 34 start by steady play and good potting. Bilby was trying hard with no luck but Stait took the lead and pulled ahead to win 82 – 63.

Garry Nolan versus Brian Nightingale: Nolan is having a 50/50 comp at the moment with some games good and some ordinary ones and Nightingale is having a shocker with just three wins. To Nightingales credit though he has a problem with his eyes at the moment and keeps backing up for his team. Nightingale kept a good lead and Nolan was patient and took his time and took control on the colours for a 60 – 43 win.

Rod Denley versus Col Tattersall: Denley is another player struggling with form and he was up against Tattersall whose form is worse that Denley’s. Tattersall won his first game last start and with a 24 start he should be up for it. Almost the slowest game in history although Tattersall did better than expected by playing really well. Denley has a few good moments but could not draw a shot as Tattersall won easily 87 – 57.

Tom Gaynor versus Dennis Goodwin: Gaynor is having a stellar season sitting on seven wins though he is just starting to struggle a little bit. Goodwin has a 50 per cent win/loss so would it be his week to shine. Goodwin started out strong and took a big lead and was potting some very good long shots. Then points dried up a bit as Gaynor then made a dash and he failed on the black to see Goodwin win 61 – 47. The players of the match were Trevor Cameron and Dennis Goodwin.

Point score: Red Sox 57, Helmets 53, Jiggers 48, Tall Timbers 43, Pockets 39, Miscues 33