The Saint: The good news that waited 30 years to arrive

LITHGOW CBD: Work continues on the revitalisation project at Cook Street Plaza.
LITHGOW CBD: Work continues on the revitalisation project at Cook Street Plaza.

ONE of the most welcome pieces of new to come our way lately is the arrival at Lithgow Hospital of two resident medical officers. Good news indeed but it has taken a long time to achieve this welcome situation.

It was around 30 years ago that literally thousands signed a petition calling for just such an appointment for the old hospital on the hill. It fell on deaf ears in the government of the time with the argument that Westmead required all the RMOs available.

Since then the local doctors have provided a first class Visiting Medical Officer service to the hospital to the point that the Lithgow Hospital emergency department has bragging rights with a reputation up there with the best of them. But the RMOs joining the VMOs has to be a bonus and the Nepean-Blue Mountain-Lithgow Health District has to be applauded - even if it has taken three decades.

Desperate times

SO just how desperate is the local drought situation becoming?  To quote our good friend Ian Litchfield at Hampton – “íf we don’t get soaking rain, not storms, in the next month it’s going to be a truly grim winter”. Or perhaps even as Hanrahan famously said – “we’ll all be rooned before the year is out”. Divine intervention is clearly needed so everyone back on your knees.

A matter of scale

WE recently nominated the crumbling old Mort Street TAFE building as the worst CBD eyesore of 2017. But correspondents are quick to point out there are others just as much in need of attention, just on a smaller scale.

Case in point the old police station that is not only a blight on the city but also on the reputation of NSW Government real estate administration. A determined campaign by then Councillor Frank Inzitari during the life of the previous council came to nought and the situation gets worse every time a passing truck destroys more brickwork or guttering.

Stephen is listening

AS we near the completion of the first stage in the Cook Plaza beautification - the vast concrete slab – we should soon begin seeing something actually taking shape.

Mayor Stephen Lesslie says council has taken on board community concerns at the featureless image so far portrayed of the stripped back project and will respond accordingly. 

The assurance may or may not change the tune for those with Joni Mitchell’s famous lyric about ‘paving paradise to put up a parking lot’ humming through their head.