Wallerawang's fireworks a bright spark to set off the New Year

SPECTACLE: A New Year's Eve success story at Wallerawang. Picture: Courtesy of Karen Edwards Photography.

SPECTACLE: A New Year's Eve success story at Wallerawang. Picture: Courtesy of Karen Edwards Photography.

LINDA Cluff’s team may well have felt they’d created a monster well before Howards did their always impressive party trick at the community fireworks at Lake Wallace on New Years Eve.  

Wall to wall people, wall to wall traffic and the influx of wall to wall caravans contributed to the biggest few hours in Wallerawang in years.  

If there was anyone left in Lithgow they were treated to the usual barrage of illegal fireworks detonating all around the valley.  

Full marks too to the Lithgow girls of WILD who did their bit to make the CBD look as though someone actually loved it over the festive season.

Our pigeon poo tsunami

HERE’S a New Year resolution for those on our council charged with the day to day welfare of their communities. And it’s one that won’t wait for next New Year.

Please loosen the civic purse strings and acquire a footpath cleaning machine that actually cleans - that particularly cleans the pigeon poo. 

The present machine has no effect on the increasingly dreadful mess left by the birds. The disgusting and unhealthy mess is getting worse by the week and even by the notoriously slack responses of Lithgow Council to such environmental issues this is setting a whole new standard in neglect.  

With many visitors in the CBD over the holiday period this again did nothing to improve our image but local shoppers and shopkeepers shouldn’t have to put up with this on an every day basis either. 

Other towns have a pigeon problem but don’t seem to have the poo problem of this nature. Maybe their pavement machine actually works as it should.

High praise

WE didn’t have to blow our own trumpet when we chatted with a visitor enjoying Hassans Walls at dusk on New Years Day.

“I didn’t know about this until today,” he said.

“It’s wonderful and so natural.  Much better than Katoomba.” 

Shucks! We knew that!

An indicator

INTERESTING to note the number of interstate vehicles in the Lithgow Aquatic Centre car park each day of the holidays. Mainly from Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland. That has to be a good sign for local tourism.  The big attraction, though, was the Lake Lyell Recreation Park where Peter Phillips and Ci Townsend capably handled a full house of campers and around 200 day trippers each day.