Local businesses hit back at the Australian Amazon launch

SHOP LOCAL: Sportspower Lithgow's Craig Pender and Amanda Matthews. Picture: ALANNA TOMAZIN.
SHOP LOCAL: Sportspower Lithgow's Craig Pender and Amanda Matthews. Picture: ALANNA TOMAZIN.

After the Australian launch of giant online retail store Amazon.com on Tuesday December 5, Lithgow businesses have taken action to prevent loss of local dollars. 

On Tuesday, Sportspower Lithgow’s Craig Pender announced he would be matching the price of any item found on Amazon.com.

If the item was not in stock, he said they would match it with the newest or next closest item.

“We want to match Amazon as best we can,” Sportspower Lithgow’s, Craig Pender said.

“We don’t have a 40,000 square hectare warehouse with loads of stock, but if we don’t have something we can order it in.

The difference is you can try the product out and get what you want. It’s a shorter process and you’re still supporting your local business.”

Mr Pender said he would like to see people shop locally and support Lithgow businesses to keep jobs in town. He said kids in school needed small businesses for part-time jobs. 

“Lithgow’s economy must keep moving forward. If there are no shops, then there are no jobs.” he said.

Lithgow District Chamber of Commerce president Angela O’Connor said that it was a given shopping local had a positive effect on the region’s economy – businesses create jobs and employ locals. 

“This is something at this stage that Amazon.com does not do, and will not do in the foreseeable future,” she said.

Sportspower Lithgow donated $10,000 in the last financial year, supporting local charities and sporting clubs. 

“Charities aren't going to go to a major outlet looking for donations. They come to local stores,” Mr Pender said. 

He hoped everyone would keep businesses going, not only local but Australian businesses.

“Amazon is taking the dollar out of Australia, so we need to follow suit and keep dollars local,” he said. 

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