Worker punched at the Court House Hotel | Police briefs

COURT HOUSE HOTEL: file image.
COURT HOUSE HOTEL: file image.

Workers carrying out renovations at Lithgow’s Court House Hotel on Main Street got a rude shock on Monday night when a man forced his way into the pub (which has been closed since March) and took a swing at them.

At about 9.15pm on December 4 workers in the hotel heard someone attempting to open one of the hotel’s doors with a key. Police said the men yelled out that the pub wasn’t open. 

However, the unknown person continued to attempt to open with a key. Eventually one of the workers opened the door and “told the bloke to go away”, the man responded by trying to push past the worker, wrestling him in the doorway. 

Police said the intruder then punched the worker blocking his path, causing the man’s head to bleed. He pushed the intruder back onto the footpath and followed him down the street.

Police attended Main Street and spoke to the alleged intruder, saying that he smelt of liquor and seemed to be intoxicated.

The man told police he was staying at one of the rooms in the Grand Central, a hotel on the opposite end of the block on Eskbank Street. 

“They told him it was the wrong hotel and sent him on his way,” police said.

The man has not been charged but police are continuing their investigations into the incident. 

Drink driving in Portland

Police conducting Random Breath Tests on Cullen Street in Portland stopped a vehicle driven by a 69-year-old woman at 7.30pm on December 2. 

The woman gave a positive reading for the breath test and was arrested and taken to Lithgow Police Station, where a breath analysis again showed a positive result. 

Police charged the woman for driving with a mid-range PCA. She will appear at Lithgow Local Court on December 14. 

Break and enter

Police attended a house in Landa Street on Saturday at 2pm after alarms at the property notified security of a potential break in. Police found that the house’s rear screen door and backdoor were open and that a small hole had been made in the adjacent wall. 

Police are currently reviewing CCTV footage from the property to aid their investigation. 

Malicious damage

The front-facing fence of a property on Macauley Street, Lithgow, was broken by an unknown person sometime between 2pm on November 29 and November 30. 

Police are investigating the incident.