The Saint: Little things and a lot of money spent on landmark

Gatekeeper's Cottage.
Gatekeeper's Cottage.

LITTLE things really can mean a lot. Case in point a recent sale on the local real estate scene with a buyer for the heritage listed landmark ‘Gatekeeper’s Cottage’ at Tunnel Hill. Dating back to 1870 it comes from an era when the railway was inching westward from Lithgow thanks to the Zig Zag.

According to usually well informed sources the negotiated price for the tiny sandstone cottage and its éxtras’ was around $400,000.

It is indeed tiny but has been well maintained and comes with almost 5000 square metres of land - and a vintage railway carriage.

AND it has a unique place in local history; one of the previous owners was the Madam of a nearby house of ill fame. The brothel and the madam are long departed, we’re told, and since that time has had obviously caring owners.

The old railway carriage was once part of the also departed Caddies restaurant at the Bowenfels railway precinct. If you missed out on the sale but still have a yearning for a cosy little piece of history there’s another such gatekeeper cottage (circa 1867) at the end of Fullagar Avenue listed for sale by LJ Hooker at just $169,000. 

It needs renovation and lacks titillating history and its own rail carriage but you can’t expect everything.

The PM’s perils

THERE are pockets of sympathy around town for Big Mal, a PM strangely whiteanted from within his own ranks and the real business of government hijacked by an identity crisis and that marriage rights thingo.  

At least Mal has one thing going for him; he looks and sounds statesmanlike while his chief protagonist looks and sounds like a union heavy in a blue suit. Such is life in politics.

Self help

WE’RE getting into the business end of the Christmas countdown so demonstrate some community self help. Get out and shop locally and often. 

Still on the festive season keep Saturday, December 9 free and take the family to the market day and community carols in Lithgow’s QE Park. 


After more than three weeks what appeared to be vomit at the entrance to the government office in the old Commonwealth Bank was still there yesterday. Doesn’t anyone care about these things any more?