Snooker | John Zorz Trophy 2017

The quest to become the John Zorz Trophy Premiers for 2017 has begun with the beginning of the semi-final series. The elimination semi-final saw fourth placed Tall Timbers play fifth placed Miscues and it went right down to the last games black ball to get a result in which Miscues won 4–3.

The qualifying semi-final saw second placed and defending premiers Jiggers play third placed Helmets and this game also went the distance but to the pink ball of the last game which Jiggers scraped in 4–3.

Tall Timbers can put their cues in the rack until 2018 and this week all games are at The Workies. The Minor Semi-Final is Helmets versus Miscues with the loser bowing out for 2017 and the Major Semi-Final is Minor Premiers Red Sox versus Jiggers with the winner booking a place in the Grand Final. Good luck to all teams.

Elimination Semi-Final:

Carpet One Tall Timbers versus Hunter Mining Methods Miscues

Leon Rust versus Garry Bender: Rust is leading the Regal Trophy list with 11 wins and he was playing Bender who has not been at his best. Rust was quick out of the blocks potting some very good balls and Bender took a while to get started. Rust scored a 15 break which was enough to maintain a big lead and Bender did come good but all too late as Rust easily won 61 – 36. 

Frank Wawn versus Matt Tattersall: Wawn is having his worst season in a long time as he has not won a game and Tattersall has been solid all season. Wawn and Tattersall traded blows early and it was close then Wawn scored an 18 break and he was on his way. Tattersall was scoring small breaks though it was not enough as it was all Wawn as he cruised to a 68 – 32 win and avoided the nudie run.

Maurie Smith versus Ritchie Bilby: Smith this comp has had medical treatment to his eyes and still suffering hence only four games won and Bilby who has not had any problems has only won 1 more game than Smith so both players are playing ordinarily. Smith did not come out of the blocks as he was stunned by the way Bilby had knuckled down early. Bilby was not going to be stopped as he was potting everything he could see and sunk some that he could not see as well. Smith was stunned as nothing went right and he kept setting his opponent up and Bilby lapped it up as smashed Smith 77 – 22.

Keith Morris versus Dennis Goodwin: Another two players who are not having a convincing comp and they were playing semi-final snooker and it was time to stand up. Both Morris and Goodwin did this as they put on a good show. There were god shots mixed with some mistakes as it was a pretty open game and Timbers captain Morris led from the front for his team. In the end once Morris slipped into the lead and was not headed as he won 51 – 32.

Aaron Vandermeer versus Brian Nightingale:  Timbers being 3– 1 all they needed was for Vandermeer to win and for Miscues it was time to fight back or say goodbye. Vandermeer started out confidently potting some good shots and Nightingale was never too far away. Nightingale had more experience and it showed as Vandermeer cracked under the pressure to see Nightingale win 53 – 35.

Michael McCosker versus Allan Piggott: Miscues captain Piggott had to win by at least eight points and McCosker just had to win or lose by six for their teams to continue. This was a good game though there were some mistakes made due to the pressure of the game. Piggott led early and McCosker never panicked as he made his move late in the game and moved ahead by putting Piggott in snookers and Piggott kept giving points away. With three balls left Piggott needed a snooker and to pot the last 3 to win. He did get his snooker and potted the blue and pink and McCosker had a chance for glory but he jawed the black and Piggott did not miss winning the game 63 – 54 and Miscues win.

Qualifying Semi-Final:

Welchs Highway Smash Repairs Jiggers versus Lithgow Valley Storage Helmets 

Justin Nelson versus Ian Bulkeley: These pair are work mates and that went out the window this game as they battled for supremacy and bragging rights. Nelson was on from the start as he scored 46 points with breaks of 16 and two 15 breaks and he was on fire. Bulkeley was shell shocked and looked gone as Nelson was 29 in front with 27 points left on the table. Twice Bulkeley put Nelson in a snooker and twice Nelson got out of it only to see the white go in the pocket. With Just the black left and Nelson two in front Bulkeley had his chance to win but Nelson potted the black for a 73 – 64 win.

Wayne Lewis versus Robert Farnsworth: Friends off the table and now opponents nothing was off limits. This was a good game as it was close all the way through and the lead changed many times. It came down to the black ball and whoever potted it would be the winner and Lewis was just one point in front. Farnsworth was the one who stepped up and calmly potted the ball for a 52 – 46 win.

David Adams versus Logan Spice: Adams has only played the 3 games this comp and was really out of practice and he was playing Spice who was his team mate last comp. Spice had to give Adams 20 start and he quickly caught up and took the lead early though it took a while Adams came to life late in the game and was matching it with the young Spice. It was right down to the wire as it the result hung on the black ball and to Adams chagrin it was Spice who potted it for a 59 – 49 win.

Troy Clarke versus Dallas Thurlow: Clarke had a whopping 23 start and that was a lot especially when Thurlow had only started to win at the back end of the comp. This was a very long game as both were making a lot of mistakes and missing easy shots. Thurlow did slowly pull back the deficit and they both had the lead at various times. The game had gone 1 ½ hours before Clarke sunk the black for a slow 81 – 70 win.

Trent Lewis versus Brett Bradley: A game of opposites as Lewis is one of the quicker players and Bradley is the slowest player in shot taking. Both played some very good shots though Lewis was looking to be doing a little bit better a couple of mistakes let Bradley back into the game and when the black was finally potted Bradley scraped in by the barest margin 41 – 40.

Greg Sutton versus Tom Drury: Helmets were 3 – 2 up and Jiggers were four in front in the aggregate so Sutton had to win to stop Helmets. Sutton started out by only potting reds with no colours but he was playing very safe leaving Drury nothing to shoot at. Sutton had shot out to a large lead and with missing some snookers and Drury coming good Sutton was only two in front with four colours left on the table. Sutton then proceeded the sink the brown, blue and pink to put the game beyond doubt to win 56 – 38.