The saint: A pesky pigeon problem in Lithgow

DOWN THE MIDDLE: A visitor to Lithgow has commended Main Street's outlook. Picture: HOSEA LUY
DOWN THE MIDDLE: A visitor to Lithgow has commended Main Street's outlook. Picture: HOSEA LUY


The highway approaches to Lithgow, particularly from the Donnybrook end, looks great as the avenue of trees returns to full Springtime bloom.  But there’s a downside; as the foliage returns from slumber so to do the weeds on the median strips. When the weeds are so prolific it ruins the effect. It’s a problem along the full length every year and one that needs regularly addressing in the interests of first impressions.


Many towns in our region and elsewhere suffer a pigeon problem as we do – think Blackeath and Bathurst for starters – but they don’t seem to suffer the levels of pollution from the scavenging birds’ digestive systems as we’re afflicted with in the Lithgow CBD. Our footpaths and facades are an ever worsening disgusting mess with seemingly nothing being done. So what are our neighbours doing that we’re not?  Perhaps their pigeons are on a different diet. Or perhaps their authorities address the problem with the seriousness it deserves.


On that subject perhaps it would be a good idea if our councillors and council officers adopted a program of regular street walks in the CBD and surrounds. It would be an opportunity to gain a better insight into what needs to be done around the place on a day by day basis, things that might otherwise go unnoticed. They might even spot the mess around the Sandford Avenue railway bridge for the first time.


A WELCOME note to the column from a visitor obviously prepared to overlook the pigeon poo for the bigger picture.  Former Lithgow resident Maureen Henning, now a local at Ashtonfield near Maitland wrote: ‘’VISITING family in Lithgow at the weekend we took the opportunity to tour once familiar locations.  On a sunny Sunday morning Main Street was looking wonderful and welcoming; I don’t recall it ever looking so well presented and it’s obviously going ahead with bright new shops evident since my last visit. Hassans Walls Lookout is also looking great  and a credit to all involved in its redevelopment. (We even spotted an echidna lazily crossing our path).   I’m prouder than ever of my old home town’.


Summer is officially only a couple of weeks away but we’ve been shivering through cold nights with true Winter single figure readings.  And the days haven’t been much better.  So what’s happened to our share of global warming? Not very encouraging to those households looking forward to saving on heating bills at this time of year.