Letter | It’s time to reveal council deficit figures publicly

Reveal figures

It was revealed back in July that Lithgow Council was in deficit to the tune of over $4 million dollars for the past financial year.

It also came to light that our Council had been placed on monthly watch by the NSW Office of Local government and is required to provide monthly reports on any progress in redressing these financial difficulties so that it might eventually be classified as Fit for the Future

Much to my surprise these monthly reports by the General Manager have not been tabled at Council meetings. They are being kept secret from Councillors and the rate payers.

At the Extraordinary Council meeting held on Monday, October 30 Councillor Thompson asked for the report to be released and was refused.

Obviously with the Council being in so much debt there must be a real risk that an administrator could be called in to take over unless there is some sign of improvement in the state of the finances.

We need our Council to be transparent and upfront as to what the rate payers’ total debt really is. Is it $4 Million, $5 Million, or much more? This cannot remain secret Council business.

Peter Pilbeam


Lithgow City Council’s general manager Graeme Faulkner has said that Mr Pilbeam’s representation of the conversation between himself and Councillor Ray Thompson at the October 30 council meeting was inaccurate.