Wallerawang local in fight with a ghost, UFO hoax | Podcast

Episode Five, Haunted: In the Archive

In the final episode of Haunted, editors of the Lithgow Mercury share their favourite supernatural stories Mercury journos have covered since 1878. 

A fight with a ghost, black panther sightings, a UFO hoax and so much more… To celebrate Halloween, Lithgow Mercury editor Kirsty Horton and former editor Len Ashworth share their favourite supernatural stories the paper has covered over the course of its 138 year history. 

Kirsty Horton has gone back into the archives of the paper to find out how previous residents of Lithgow dealt with unwelcome spirits. One unfortunate ghost was met by a hunting party of police with batons.

Kirsty and Len’s journey through the archives makes up the final episode of the Lithgow Mercury’s original podcast series Haunted

Listen now by clicking play below. 

Haunted, Episode 5: In the Archive