Snooker | Premiers Jiggers too good

The 2016 grand finalists met for the third time this comp and twice Helmets were the victors and nearly were again as their last player made a mistake giving the game to the defending Premiers Jiggers 4- 3. Red Sox continue their good form as the put the slipper into Pockets 5 – 2 and with 3 weeks to go Pockets are starting to fall behind. Miscues beat Tall Timbers 4 – 3 and now Miscues looks like they could be heading to the semi-finals. All fees are now due.

Lithgow Valley Storage Helmets v Welch’s Highway Smash Repairs Jiggers: Chris Baker v Justin Nelson: These pair have a rivalry that goes a long way back and when they last met Nelson won by 40 points and it was nearly that again 94 – 55. Brett Bradley v Wade Barrington: Bradley has lost his last 2 games and was looking to get back in the winner’s circle and just when Bradley thought he had done enough Barrington kept his cool to celebrate his first win 47 – 41. Tom Drury v Trent Lewis: In the first round Lewis was a 10-point winner. This time Lewis surged ahead to win 69 – 49. Robert Farnsworth v Wayne Lewis: These two have been good friends for years and that goes out the window when it comes to snooker. Farnsworth 55 – 42. Dianne Stait v Greg Sutton: Stait is having a mixed comp but was doing a lot better than Sutton who was still looking for his first win. Sutton celebrated with a close 61 – 60 win win in the end. Dallas Thurlow v Troy Clarke: Thurlow got beat by 31 points by Clarke. This time Thurlow had the game won though he had to sink the black to give his team the aggregate point and but he went in/off giving away 7 points to only just win 60 – 59. The players of the match were Justin Nelson and Robert Farnsworth.

Williams & Sons Pockets v C & W Printing Red Sox: Shane Eagle v Jeff Stait: Eagle is having a mixed comp and Stait has won his last 5 games and is playing well. In the end Stait came close but Eagle prevailed 47 - 42. Todd Bates v Trevor Cameron: Bates become stage fright while Cameron took his time pulled back the lead with some good potting and left Bates in his wake 62 – 49. Michael Wellings v Peter Warner: Both these players have won 5 games each and someone was going to increase their stats by one. Wellings was very slow to start and Warner was at the top of his game winning 82 – 47 win. Jack Bilby v Rod Denley: The new verses the old as Bilby is in his second comp and Denley is a seasoned campaigner from way back. Denley was far too wily for the youngster as he easily won 70 – 34. Steve Hewitt v Garry Nolan: Hewitt has been out for 10 months and has come back with his only game so far he was an easy winner and  won this contest also 66 – 45. Brett Holt v Shannon Baer: Not a great game as Holt also got bogged down into slow play and the low score reflected this as Baer just won 47 – 46.

The players of the match were Peter Warner and Steve Hewitt.

Hunter Mining Methods Miscues v Carpet One Tall Timbers: Garry Bender v Maurie Smith: Bender is in good form and Smith is having a terrible season with just the single victory. Bender got out to a good lead early then suddenly Smith could see clearly as he mowed Bender down to get his second win 63 – 36. Kevin Slaven v Lawrence Creasy: Both are having a mixed season and both are similar in the way they play. This was a slow but entertaining game and the crowd watching was quickly asleep but there was eventually a winner as Slaven fell over the line 41 – 40. Dennis Goodwin v Bill Cook: Goodwin is having a shocker as he was still looking for his first win to keep away from a nudie run. Cook has won more than he has lost and Goodwin pushed him until the last ball was potted. It was close and Cook was the victor 49 – 48 and Goodwin is still looking for that elusive win. Allan Piggott v Michael McCosker: Piggott with 2 wins was playing McCosker with 4 wins and this was a good turnaround for Piggott. Both played well with Piggott finally putting his game together and he maintained the lead to win 74 – 53 and to McCosker’s credit he kept his cool. Matt Tattersall v Frank Wawn: Last time these two played each other Tattersall was a 2 point winner and this time Wawn all ready for revenge. It was not to be as Tattersall took complete control and easily strolled home 70 – 37. Ritchie Bilby v Leon Rust: Bilby was just a passenger in this game as Rust was all over him like a wet blanket. Rust has only the single loss and this was another easy win 46 – 22. The players of the match were Matt Tattersall and Maurie Smith.

Pointscore: Red Sox 48, Jiggers & Helmets 45, Tall Timbers 41, Miscues 40, Pockets 33

Regal: L Rust, R Farnsworth, T Lewis, S Baer, B Bradley, J Nelson, S Eagle, M Tattersall.