Snooker | John Zorz Trophy Week 11

Draw October 10 at Club Lithgow Miscues versus Tall Timbers and at The Workies Pockets versus Red Sox and Helmets versus Jiggers.

Pockets bounced back big time by easily beating the current leaders Helmets 4–3 who now fall back into second place such is the closeness of the comp. Tall Timbers had a close call in their game against Red Sox and their captain was resolute even though he lost he saved the aggregate point for Timbers to win 4–3. 

Miscues finally reversed the tables on Jiggers as in the first two rounds Jiggers won 5 – 2 and Miscues came prepared as they won 5–2. Just a reminder to all captains all players fees are due by October 17 and if the fees are not fully paid by the 31st October that player will not be eligible to play in the semi-finals, Regal Trophy and Roley Casey Trophies.

Williams & Sons Butchers Pockets versus Lithgow Valley Storage Helmets. 

Brett Holt v Ian Bulkeley: This is the third time this pair has played against each other this comp and for the previous 2 occasions Holt has been the victor by 32 and 20 points. Bulkeley was more prepared this time as he played a lot better though Holt need not have worried. Holt had to battle hard but again he proved to be Bulkeley’s nemesis 55 – 47.

Shane Eagle versus Robert Farnsworth: Eagle had lost to Farnsworth in the first round and since then he has been up and down with his form. Farnsworth was back on track last week with a win and was comfortable playing the erratic Eagle. Both played well and Farnsworth was looking good until a 16 break by Eagle which was enough to extract revenge 58 – 46.

Jack Bilby versus Ian Miles: This has been a break out comp for Bilby as he has vastly improved in his second comp and he was playing a crafty veteran in Miles. Miles though is in a rut and has lost his last four games with three of them he went in/off the black giving the game to his opponent. This was another close game with Miles being more cautious and he was staying with Bilby all the way through. Bilby did enough to stay ahead and had it won on the pink as Miles finally sunk a black ball not to go in/off though Bilby won 68 – 57.

Michael Wellings versus Chris Baker: Wellings has come good at the right time heading towards the semis and Baker has been showing his usual consistency and Baker has beaten Wellings in their last two encounters. Wellings had a 29 start which most was pulled back when Baker scored a 22 break. Wellings stuck to his guns though and was not perturbed as he scored a 16 break to counter Bakers. Wellings stayed strong as he turned the tables on Baker to cruise to an 89 – 59 win.

Todd Bates versus Dianne Stait: Bates form has been a bit indifferent and this was to continue when he played Stait who has not been playing a lot this comp. Bates came flying out of the blocks and went to a 30 point lead leaving Stait to scratch her head pondering what to do. It did not take long to ponder as Bates slammed into a wall and Stait started slowly to pull back the lead. Stait pulled ahead enough to come home 74 – 58 over a demoralised Bates.

Steve Hewitt versus Brett Bradley: Hewitt last played in the 2016 John Zorz trophy and should have been a tad rusty and Bradley was fresh with only two losses to date. Hewitt was potting like a demon and was maintaining a good lead and Bradley was playing some good shots but Hewitt was just too good and he won 77 – 56.

Players of the match: Michael Wellings and Dianne Stait.

Carpet One Tall Timbers versus C & W Printing Red Sox. Leon Rust versus Peter Warner. Rust scraped home 84–83 over a shocked Warner. Michael McCosker versus John Lyons. McCosker won 68–59. Lawrence Creasy versus Tom Gaynor. Creasy walked over his opponent 63–35. Bill Cook versus Jeff Stait. Stait held his breath as he scraped in 60-59. Aaron Vandermeer versus Garry Nolan. Nolan won 58–45. Keith Morris versus Shannon Baer. Even though Baer won 70-60 Morris did enough for his team.

Players of the match: Michael McCosker and Peter Warner.

Welch’s Highway Smash Repairs Jiggers versus Hunter Mining Methods Miscues. 

Wayne Lewis versus Allan Piggott: This game did not reach the heights it could have though at least it was entertaining and came down to one mistake. A close game with neither getting a head and once on the colours Piggott hit the black instead of the green so Lewis took advantage for a close 50 – 45 win.

Kyle Lewis versus Kevin Slaven: Both have won their last two games and were ready for each other and both settled in for a long game. Slaven was playing the better game and when Lewis scored a lucky 16 break he was right back in the match. The lead changed a couple of times but in the end Slaven just got up 52 – 45.

Trent Lewis versus Brian Nightingale: Lewis is in a purple patch of form and has only lost 2 games and Nightingale has won his last three and was travelling nicely. Close game to start with as both traded blows and Nightingale was a little unlucky as the Lewis luck started as some balls were ricocheting off each other like billiards and going in the pocket. Lewis did play some nice deft pots and he shot ahead to win 77 – 43.

Justin Nelson versus Brian Bonus: Nelson had a rare loss last week and was looking to make up for it and Bonus had a 24 start and is no mug with the cue. Bonus started out well and increased his lead and Nelson took a little time to find his game. On the colours Nelson sank the brown, blue and pink to take the lead and when Bonus sank the black the scores were even. The black was respotted and it was Bonus who potted it for a 55 – 48 win.

Kyal Furbank versus Garry Bender: Furbank is a much improved player in his second comp and Bender was having an up and down comp. Furbank started well though you could tell by his body language things were not going well. Bender played like a demon as he easily overcame Furbank 96 – 42.

Jamie Glencorse versus Ritchie Bilby: Both are having shockers this comp and it showed why. A lot of missed shots but it was Glencorse who had a good lead on the colours only to get stage fright as Bilby came home on the colours 58 – 49.

Players of the match: Ritchie Bilby and Trent Lewis.

Pointscore: Red Sox 43, Helmets 42, Jiggers 41, Tall Timbers 38, Miscues 36, Pockets 31. Regal: L.Rust, T.Lewis, R.Farnsworth, B.Bradley, S.Baer, C.Baker, J.Nelson, S.Eagle.