Letters to the Editor | Fix our roads


When is Lithgow Council going to get moving and get around to fixing our streets?

There are many roads and streets throughout our Council area that are in poor condition and in urgent need of repair.

Many are peppered with jagged potholes, while others are a faded mosaic of old patches with deep ruts between the patches.

They are bumpy, uneven and hazardous. There are some I think that are downright unsafe.

The problem is widespread. Here are just a few examples that quickly spring to mind. In Portland: Villiers Street, Hazel Street, William Street and Green Street.

In Wallerawang: Kremer Crescent and Heel Street.

In Lithgow: Stewart Street, Tangent Street, Geordie Street, Coalbrook Street, Stephenson Street, Tank Street, Crane Road, Island Parade and McKanes Falls Road from the half way mark through to Jenolan Caves Road.

There is also a long list of rural roads in the Council area that need loads of work to bring them up to something approaching an acceptable standard.

We are not paying such high council rates for a low level response to what are urgently needed road repairs.

Come on, Lithgow Council, lift your game. Please fix our streets.

Rachael Young