The Saint: And so it is Christmas?



WHY should we be surprised? Once September rolls around it’s the Christmas season in our main stores?

And right on cue the Chrissie goodies have popped up to tempt those of us who just can’t wait to dive into the tempting tastes that come with Santa. 

Maybe they just want to clear the decks to get started on Easter.

Final touches decades overdue

THERE’S no denying that Queen Eliazbeth Park is the jewel in the crown of central Lithgow, a showplace that we can show off with pride.

It’s also impeccably maintained but for one jarring aspect to the big picture.

At the north western corner of the park near the Hassans Walls Road – Proto Avenue intersection is what was probably an attractive entrance gate at the time the park was established over a century ago. 

But this entrance has not aged well, and that’s an understatement. These days it’s just two ugly blocks of raw concrete topped with a four finger salute to the sky. 

Surely we can come up with a more imaginative welcome than that for the hordes of visitors who utilise the playground and picnic areas?

The gaping holes in the adjacent southern boundary fence have also gone unattended for years but that’s another story.

Quote of the Week

THE quote of the week comes from the Nationals. Member for Calare Andrew Gee:

‘Lithgow Council frequently calls on other levels of government to do this or do that. It is the only council in the region that adopts  such a combative approach.’ 

Really? Combative? And there we were thinking it was the role of local government to keep their representatives on the job. 

Service was appreciated

A significant event on our health care scene went by unnoticed except by a few recently and that was unfortunate... 

A gathering at Lithgow Hospital farewelled Dr Nick Dutton who was retiring after 40 years as Visiting Physician to Lithgow Hospital, beginning way back at the old ‘hospital on the hill’. Dr Dutton also headed the hospital’s Cardiology department.  Associate Professor John Dearin said that Nick Dutton’s contribution to Lithgow was not only appreciated by the hospital but in more recent years also by the students of Lithgow Notre Dame university campus who had benefited greatly from his tutoring, as had Sydney University students training at Lithgow.

The retirement function at the hospital also thanked Dr Mark Roebuck who was retiring from visiting medical officer duties at the hospital but would be continuing in private practice.